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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHs. 151-153. `1912. 123 Famous, estates, or co1—pora.t.i0ns who would be the true and awful owners of quQ lanfis under the laws of Alabama, includ` the laws of prqsczinjptxou, m the absence of said interest, title, a.l:§ estate of the sud nited States. - Approved, Juno 4, 1912. CHAP. 152.—.\¤ Act To amend an Act to authorize a. a hm sémz Bluffs, Iowa, approved February tirst, nineteen hundred aggigghti Z zxgigugoegxdl Belit enacted by t}»eSem1,teandH0u.seo Re entatwlveso the United . _ States of Amzrjica in Congress assewnbkg 'Igiixthe Act, tg authorize ¥ilr:guér;v1§:<g{1 xmthe Central Bmhoad and ridge Company to construct a. bridge across BK.; (EQ ~ the Mxssoun Bwcr at or near Council Bluffs, Iowa, a proved Feb- gfufggggi °°¤¤°“ ruary first, mnetgcu hundred and eight, and ameueyed February vm. ss, Ap. & aw; tyvcnty-seventh, umetecn hundred and nine, and June twenty-fifth, v°1‘°°"‘°5?" · nmewen hgmdrod and ten, is hue?} amended so as to give to the Ceutxgnl Bndgc Company, of Coun Bluffs, Iowa., all the authority and mghts granted under said Act, if the actual construction of the bridge authorized by said Act, is commenced within one year and completed within three ears-from the date of the passage of this Act. I I an Szc. 2. That the riggt to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is expressly reserved. Approved, June 5, 1912. (SQA!. 158.-A11 Act To amengl section twcnizgwo hundred and ninety-one and J"g°;3:6§’}2· aecnon twenty-two hundred and umctyasven of Revised Statutes of the United _;. Sums relaxing no homeetaads. [P¤b1i¤~ No- 17*-) Be it emwted by the Senate and House ofR€{»resentatives of the United States of America in Oongreas assembled, `hat section twenty-two §‘L‘,}¥,,'§,{$}{‘(§"‘Y,,,t,,,, hundred and ninety-one and section t.we11ty-two hundred and mmaty- P¤·*· v· 9% ` seven of the Revised Statutes of the United States be amended to read as follows: Pm t i ‘ ‘S1:c. 2291 . No certificate, however, shall be ivan or patent issued ,,,,0; 3 t$.°,»§`}2,§L’ therefor until the expiration of three years from ts 0 date of such entry; '*’i°gf*§;é%1 p_ m and if at the expiration of such time, 01* at any time within two yours mended. ° thereafter, the person mukinisuch entry, or nf he be dead his w1dow, or in casa of her death his airs or devises, or in case of a widow making such entry her heirs or devisec, in case of her death, proves by himself and by two credible witnesses that he, she, or they have s habitable house upon the land and have actually resided upon and cultivated the same for the term of three years succeeding the time of filing the afHda.vit, and makes affidavit that no part of such land has mum been alienated, exec t, as provided in section twa¤ty-two hundred pun,,,m_”f°°°“b"° and eightyaaight, ang that he, she, or they wi11_boa.r trua allegiance *'~*’-·°*’°·”’°·P·“°· to the Govermucnnt of the United States, then m such case he, she, or they, if at, that time citizens of the United States, shall be entitled _ to a patent, as in other cases provided by law: Provided, That upon P;,§.°'Z“Q”’.,; ,;,.,,,,.,, filing in the local land 0Hice notive of the beginning of such absence, '“°"°"· the antxxrxnan shall be entitled m :1. continuous leave of absence from the hm. for n period not exceeding five months in each car after cstablishi resulcncc, and u n the termination of such agsence the cntrymanngimll file a notice opguch termination in the local land ofHco, but in case of commutation the fourteen months} actual residence °°"“"““‘°°"‘ ua now required by law must be shown, and the person commuting must be at the time a. citizen of the United States: Provided, That ,,,,’;§,$’,‘;‘,:,,’.§`}'c`§,i"°° H when the person making entry dies before the offer of final proof those succeeding to the entry must show that the ent an had comphed with the law in all respects to the date of his dcaghzxnd that