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PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. xvii Right] Port' BRe•ervationWa•I• AnActG t' rlghtf PD1s- o way, _ cy _ _ , . _ rm mg 0 Wl acm; ort ` covery B States Mxhtnéy Reservation, to the Seattle, Port Asingeles and Lake Crescent Railway, of the State of ashingtnn. August 24, 1912 ... 492 Bridge, Kingston Luke. An Act To authorize the baud of counz commkiouem of Henry County, iouth to construct • budge scrum Kingston at Conway, South Carolina. ¥u¤t , . . . . . . . . . ... 493 Bridge, River. _ An Act To authorize the constmction of n bridge mms the Missinippi River at e town site of Sartell, Minnesota. August 24, 1912 ... . 494 Brhige, CIem·wat¤·.Ri1:er. An Act To authorize the construction of s bridalacmss the Clearwater River at s point within the corporate limits of the city of Lewiston, I 0. August 24, 1912.. 494 Brakige, Missouri River. An Act To authorize the Union Pacilic Railroad Company to construct s bridge nuns the Missouri River. August 24, 1912 . . .. . . 494 Bridge, llimuippi An Act Authorizing the towns of Ball Bluff, Libby, and Gornih, in the coungpt Antkm, Minnesota, to construct s bridge across the Mininippi River, in Aitkin County, mnesoua. August 24, 1912 .. s ...,.,,,, 4x Bridge, Little Calumet River. An Act To authorize the city of Chi? to construct s bridge acme the Little Calumet River at Indians Avenue, in and city, 24, 1912 _,,,,_,,,_ , ____ 495 Right of way, Fort Sill, etc., Oklahoma. An Act Conf u the wton Railway and Lighting Company the privileges, rights, and conditions totore ted the Invrton sud out Sil Electric Company to construct a railroad scwsa in Comanche County, Oklahoma. August 24, 1912 . . . ...,.,., 495 Public landa, entries an oil, ctc., land:. An Act To provide for agricultural entries on oil and ga lands. 1912 ...,..,.,.,,. , ,, 496 C’h0ctaw_ lands, 0 . An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the final disposition oi the shire of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Indian Territory and for other p ," approved Agril twent. —sixt.h, nineteen hundred and six (Thirty-tburth Statutes _ page one hun red and thirty-seven). August 24, 1912. . . 497 Public_la·nds, mining entries in wizhdmum lands. An Act To amend section two of an Act to authorize the Pmsi ent of the United States to make withdrawals of public lands in certain cues, approved June twentyfdfth, nineteen hundred md ten. A 24, 1912 .. 497 Copies ojpreoovdr, Interior Department. An Act To make uniform c for furnishing of records of the Department of the Interior and of its several bureaus. August 24, 19 .. 497 Nebrasgg land mines. An Act For the relief of certain homestemders in ebnaks. August 99 , .. . 4 Customs, New Orleans, La. An Act To extend the limits of the port of entry of New Orleans,

 August 24, 1912 . 499

Fur ml regulation:. An Act To give effect to the convention between the Governments of the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Runnin for the preservation md protection of the fur seals and sea otter which frequent the waters of the north Pacilic Ocean, concluded at Was Iuly seventh, nineteen hundred md eleven. August 24, 1912 499 Audzlor of Accounts. An Act To amend ‘ ‘A.n Act to create an Auditor of Railroad Accounts, and for other pm·po¤es," n. roved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventxeight, as amended b the Acts of mrch third, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, md Mac tlusd, _ nineteen hundred and three, and for other urgoses. August 24, 1912. . .. 508 Diutnct of Columbia, North Dakota Avenue. An gizt 0 authorize the elimination of port of North Dakota Avenue from the permanent system of highways plan. August 24, 1912 ... 503 Right of way, Fort Shafter, Hawmi. An Act Granting a. right. of way through the Fort Shatter lliIitug Reservation, Territory of Hawaii, to the Pearl Harbor Traction Company (Limited), an for other puToses. August 24, 1912. ... _ 5tki Tobacco Commission. n Act To constitute a. commission to investigate the iaurcluse of American- _ grown tobacco by the Governments of foreign countries. August 24, 912 . . ... 504 Bridges, Big Sandy River. An Act To authorize the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio RsiIw¤{r_t0 cgmgtruct bridges across the Big4Sandy River and the branches thereof in the States of nr- _ gmm and Kentucky. August , 1912 ... . 2 . . 505 B"*d9¤, Big Sandy River. An Act To authorize the Clinchiield Northern Railway, of Kentucky, to construct bridges across the Big Sandy River and the branches thereof in the States of _ Kentucky and Viaginia, August 24, 1912 . . . .. _ ... 505 Public lands, Amdmto, kla. An Act Setting apart n certain tract of land for s public highway, Mid for other purposes. August 24, 1912 ... . .. . . 505 Enlarged homestead emtnea. An Act Validating certain homestead entries. August 24,1912 .. 506 Adulwategi seeds, ae. An Act To regulate foreign commemri-gg prohibiting the admission mto the Fggted States of certain mdulterated grain and seeds t for seeding purposes. August 24, 506 Publu: landsfor spigwleu eaczi. An Act To patent certain seminrid lands to Luther Burbank under certmn conditiom. August 24, 1912. ..,.. . . _ . _ . : . 50 7 Obsolete ordnaneegrunts. An Act. Authorizing the Secretary of War, in his discretion, to dehver to certain cmes and towns condemned bronze or brass cannon, with their carriages and outlit _ of cannon balls, and so forth. August 24, 1912 .,. . . . .,... _ ... _ . 508 I/¥f¢··¥¤1‘1¤9 ttalwm, etc, An Act To Xmvide for the establishment of one life·e¤.v1.n§;§3t10¤ 011 $19 larger of the two Libby Islan s, situated at the entrance to Machine Bay, me; one l1ieswing station at Heli Moon Bay, south of Point Montana. and near Montnm Reef, California; 0116 lifesaving station nt Mackinac Island, Michigan; and one life-saving ststmn it 91; ¤€¤1‘ Sea Gate, New York Harbor, New York, and to provide increased quarantine facilities at the port of Portland, Maine. August 24, 19)". . , . 511 87618°-vo:. 37—1>·r 1-2