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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 157, 159. 1912. 129 ics, and extra—duty a of enlisted men en ed thereon th' - thousand five hundiizdyand eighty~five delhi);. i may mma If or the mechanical supervision of the installation of seacoast IP"**‘“¤8 ¤¤¤°·>¤** artillery, including the purchase and manufacture of machinery, Mmm" tools, and materials necessary for the work, and expenses of civilian mechanics, and extra-duty pay of enlisted men engaged thereon, twpltliouspnd five hundrcfd dollars. at a materia purc iascd under the revisions of this act shall “"€°"*°‘ ‘° "° °* be of American manufacture, except in cages when, in the jud ent iiiiiiimm manninof the Secretary of Wa1·,·it is to the manifest interest of the Iiiiiited States to make purchases in limited quantities abroad, which material shall be admitted free of duty. BOARD OF ORDNANCE AND FORTIFICATION. _,_§,~,;{;*r,;>,{,§}g*,;g¤¤¤¤ To_enable the board to make all needful and pro er purchases, *’°’°‘*•’°’·'°¤‘°·°'°- experiments, and tests to ascertain, with a view to thieir utilization by the _Government, the most effective guns, small arms, cartrid es, projectilcs, fuses, explosives, torpedoes, armor plates, and otier implements and engmes of war, and to purchase or cause to be manufactured, under authority of the Secretary of War, such guns, carnagles, armor plates, and other war materia as may, in the judgment of the board, be necessary in the proper discharge of the dut devolved upon it by the Act a proved September twenty-seconi eighteen "°r ”· P· ‘”· hundred and eightyeiglit; to a the salary of the civilian member Qivmsn mggnber. of the Board ofg Ordnance andpFi>rti‘1ication provided by the Act of `°1’°°'°° '°°° February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and for the necessary traveling expenses of said member when traveling on duty as contemplated in said Act; for the payment of the necessary P¢rd1¤¤.¤¤¤- expenses of the oard, including a per diem a owance to each officer detailed to serve thereon, when emplo ed on duty away from his permanent station, of two dollars and fgfty cents a day; and for the T°°°“‘°°°‘ test of experimental gims, carriages, and other devices procured in accordance with the recommendation of the Board of Ordnance and Fortification, twenty-five thousand dollars, the expenditure of which shall be made by the several bureaus of the War epartment heretofore having `urisdiction of the same, or by tho board itself, as the Secreta.ry of 1War may direct: Provided, That before any money shall Progui-0 umnvw be expended in the construction or test of any gun, gun carr1agc, egg}, ammunition, or implements under the supervision of the said board, the board shall be satisfied, after due inquiry, that the Govcmment of the United States has a lawful right to use the inventions involved in the construction of such gun, gun carriage, ammunition, or implements, or that the construction or test is made at the request of a person either having such lawful right or authorized to convey the same to the Government. Approved, June 6, 1912. CHAP. 159.—.\n Act To designate Walhalla, N eche, and Saint John, in the State [s. ariviziii" of North Dakota, subports of ent: , and to extend the privileges of th? first ¤¢€Y·iQ¤ pflbtggnltct of Congrem approved {une tenth, eighteen undred and eighty, to nid ’ Bc it enacted by the Senate and H may Representatives of the United States of America in Congress asaembl , That Walhalla, Neche, and $,}}ff”,,{,';_ 1;,,,,,% Saint John, in the State o North Dakota, be, and the same are hereby, 33 Sgas-'g_§¤gé°§é designated aubgarts of entry in the customs collection district of or 655 North and Sou Dakota. ,,,Y§‘,;,,,d°?‘ ’ ‘ S20. 2. That the privileges of the first section of the Act approved 1r¤;=_¤gg;¤1¤¤r,v;,=;·§‘; June tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, entitled "An Act to amend Kama. P the statutes in relation to immediate transportation of dutiable goods, "°‘·"· "· ‘”·