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SIX'I`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 171. 1912. 135 the person accused to be arrested and brou t for relimina B°¤<* *°* •·v¤°·¤ examination before the judge of juvenilgh court, {District lol mm Columbia, who, upon such prehmmary examination, may require the accused to enter mto bond, with good surety to the United States of America, m a sum to be fixed b such judge, not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars for appearance and trial in the juvenile court, District of Columbia, on the first day of the next or any succeeding term thereof, and to perform thejudgment of said court, but in e event that the woman be quick with child at the time of the_arrest, final trial shall not take lace until after the bu·th of the child. If the person accused shall to 've bond u,°°,’g";g‘,':"b0‘;'§_““‘ required of him, thsljudge shall orthwith commit him to thegiffashington Asylum and , there to remain until he enter into the uired bond or_ otherwise be_ discharied by due Erocess of law.!-Gln all Jury mu. prosecutions imder this Act the accused , upon his demand tbheiefcgi dgntitled to a trial by jury; otherwise the trial shall e y e u e. Sec. 4. lfhat if the accused shall fail to appear, the bond for his .,°€§Q’°°°‘“°'° m appearance as aforesaid shall be forfeited and execution issued t ereon; and the trial of, or other proceedings in, the cause shall, nevertheless, as though he were present; and the court shall, upon the ver ICC of the jury, make all such orders as it shall deem Om, mmwmd proper as though the accused were in court. In any event if the childaccused acknow edge in open court the patemity of such child, or if at the trial the findmglof the j1u·y be giamst the accused, the court, in rendering judgment thereon, shall m e an order for the annual pay- ment, rmtil the child be fourteen years of age, of such sum of money, in such insta]lments,monthly or otherwise, and insuch manner asshall to the court seem best, and shall also make such orderfor the keeping, me of I. 0, maintenance, and education of the child as may be uproper ; and in case eoraatee lipi>¤·r•¤¢¤ of forfeiture of the appearance bond, the money co ected upon the for- *‘°“’*· feiture shall be applic inpayment of the judgment againstt e accused; and if any balance remains after the payment of the said judgment, it shall be covered into the Treasury, through the collector of taxes, to the credit, half and half, of the District of Columbia and the United States. - Sec. 5. That the accused who has failed to execute bond before ,_?§{_‘“ '*“°' JM" judgnent, if he shall be adjudied to be the father of the child, shall _ tliierizlupon enter igo boitildi with or without sprpltxes, m tl;} dxscreggiqn _ o the court, con `tione or the ayment o e sums 'u ge , in u __ such mmiimem me in such mtlim as me com shui dime. ln ...€°€;":¥;;§.: "“ case of his failure to enter into such bond, the court shall commit lum to the Whshinfton Asylum and Jail, there to remain imtil he shall P cc Mn Q 0 give such bon or lpgfy the total amount of the sums adjxjdged. If aufnforfwag ° the child shall die ore the expiration of the aforesaid nd, upon payment of the amount or amounts due to the death of the said child, or if all dues be aid under such bond, the gigrson agjudged to be the father of the child and his sureties shall be charg therefrom. _ _ Sec. 6. That when the defendant shall have been confined for su; ,,;*,§*}}},'§,;}’,{‘m'§,§,h'f,Z months, solel for failure to make the dpayments reqimred or to_enter ¤¤¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤*~ into the bond as ordered, such defen ant may ma e aplplication m - writing to the judge of the juvenile court, District of Co umbia, setting forth his inability to make such payments, notwithstandmgihis desire to do so, or enter into such requned bond, upon which agp cation the judge of the juvenile court, District of C0lumbia,_sh _ plro- _ ceed to hear and determine the matter. .If, on exammatmn, it s all ,,,§f§’{,,f" “"“"""° appear to the court that such defendant is unable to makesuch pay- ments or to execute the required bond, and that he has no property exceeding twenty dollars in value, except such as is by law exempt from being taken on execution for debt, thejudge shall administer the following oath: "I do solemnly swear that I ave not any prop- 8T818°—vor. 37- —r·r 1——11