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SIXTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 173, 174. 1912. 137 entitled "An Act to authorize the Dauphin Island Railway and Hare _,Xg;,“{‘· P- °"• bor Company its successors or assigns, to construct and maintain a bridge, or bridges or viaducts, across the water between the mainland, _ at or near Cedar lsoint, and Dauphin Island both Little and Big; also to dredge a channel from_the deegiwzaters oil Mobile Bay into Dauphin Bay, and to dredgp the said Daup B13; also to construct and maintain docks and w arves along both Lit e and Big Dauphin Islands," be amended to read as follows: 'l`hat the Dauphin Island Railway and Harbor Company, a corpo- ¤.S?°°°°°¤°° °°“` ration existing under the laws of the State of Alabama, be, and it is hereby, authorized to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge or bridge, and approaches thereto, between the mainland at a point suita le to the mterests of ·navigation at or near Cedar Point and Daghin Island, both Little and Bigi, situated in Mobile County, State V I 8,. of abama, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled ° “’°° "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navilgable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred an six: _ Provided, at the authority hereby lgranted shall be considered as Tlnetereomplettu withdrawn and deemed to be revok the said bridge or bridges and °’ ,.,_ ,,,_ ap roaches thereto be not constructed and put in operation by or ¤¤¤¤¤¤•¢- · belbre the eighteenth day of September, nineteen hundred and sixteen. ‘ Approved, June 18, 1912, ‘ _ - June II. IIB. GEL?. 174.-An Act hom! of dailgraerviceof laborers and [H- F·· Wu-l wryedppon wck done furthe mt•dStatea,cr any Terntory, ¢rf<a*theD1stnct [pubm Ng, ug,] d umbnaand forothapurpmu. ~ V Bei¢enadedbyt}veSe1wtea1id Houseo vee¢p"the United States of America in Congress assembled, {hat every contract hereafter d·F·*¢¤*·¤°¤* "°'*· made to which the United States, any Territory, or the District of Zinpuuucccuaws Columbia is a arty, and every such contract made for or on behalf ',f,,‘§',‘}T:,}',‘},,g"},';;,'7j,lT' of the United States, or any erritoiiy or said District, which may require or involve the empkgment of aborers or mechanics shall contain a provision that no borer or mechanic doing anty part of the work contemplated by the contract, in the employ of e contractor or an subcontractor contracting for any part of said work contemplated, shall be required or permitted to work more than eight hours . in any one calendar day upon such work; and every such contract rmnzywuuwshall stipulate atpemalty for each violation of such provision m such l‘”°‘ contract of five ollars for each laborer or mechanic for every calengaéldsiy in which he like or gmnitted to labpr more totflian , to oursu nsax wo ;an an officerorperson esigna as !¤•gg$L" inspector of th: work to be performed under any such contract, or to vm ai in 'enforcing the fulfillment thereof, shall, organ observation or , ’ investigation, forthwith report to the proper· cer of the United States, or of any Territory or of the District of Columbia, all violations of the provisions of this Act directed to be made in such contract, together with the name of each laborer or o been required or permitted to labor in violation of such stipulation and the day of such violation and the amount of the penalties ,m°g:,_°“"' *'°" imposed accordiriihto the stipulation in any such contract shall be · directed to be wi eld for the use and benefit of the United States, t the District of Columbia, or the Territory contracting by the officer or person whose duty it shall be to approve the payment o the moneys , { A due under such contract, whether the violation of the provisions of such wntractisby the contractor or any subcontractor. Any contrac- d,{,§,",;",,€,,*§_“ °‘ tor or subcontractor 'eved by the withholding of any penalty as herembdone have the right within six months thereafter to appeal to the head of the department making the contract on