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138 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. sms n. " cm. 174, 181. 1912. behalf of the United States or the Territory, and in the case of a contract made by the District of Columbia to the Commissioners thereof c:,'§'{f, §,',§§’§‘°" "‘ who shall have power to review the action imposing the penalty, and m all such appeals from such final order whereby a contractor or subobcgitractor mgeyd be a?ievgd by the 1mpobsc:1<;1lia'¢gxthe penalt%ll‘1ere1n· s onractororsu n rmawimsix moiilthspgfgelr decislibn by such head of a department br the Commissioners of the District of Columbia Elo a claim in the Court of Clalikrns, which shall haze jurisdipgipn to hsar and decide the matter in ° emannerasinot ercases oresai court. mama umm. _ Sec. 2. That nothing in this Act shall apply to contracts for transportation by land or water, or for the transmission of intelligence, or for the purchase of sup hes by the Government, whether manufactured to conform to pargcular specifications or not, or for such materials or articles as may usually be bought m open market, except armor and armor plate, whether made to conform to particular specifications oi; not, ogcoéhe constnixcftiionl or repau-raf levees plz; revetmergtg necessa or ro on agai oo s or ove ows on e naviga Lhgrlee. M waters 3 the {limited States: Provided, That all classes of work which ..,,,,,.,,¤¤,M‘E‘ have been, are now, or may hereafter be performed b the Govern- . . Y ment shall, when done by contract, by individuals, firms or corporations for or on behalf of the United `States or any of the 'llerritories or U _ the District of COIIIHIDIB, be performed in accordance with the terms

 *¤ me °* and provisions of section one of  Act. The President, by Executive order, may waive the provisions and stipulations m this Act as

to anyspecgiic contract or contracts during time of war or a thm when c@¥*:*_¤ °*¤*' °*· warisimmment, andunt1lJanuaryfirst,mneteenhund1eglandfifteei1, as to any contract or contracts entered into m connection with the construction of the Isthmian No penalties shall be imposed hmmm. ew for any v1olation of such E-lrovision in such contract due to any extraordmszy events or con `tions of manufacture _ or to any emergency can by fire, famine, or flood, by danger to life or to property, or by other extraordinary event or condition pn account of which the resident shall subsequently declare the violation to have been ¤xM·h¤¤r iw M excusable. _Nothing in this Act shaH_be construed to repeal or modify vl¤1.m1i,p.s40. Act ent1tle;1l"t1 Act reilatinghto the limitation o the hours of wlgisomoiml t2 l;{ni£>drS$tr:t;i•?f?fnId1°gf @°}§’.T”¤€;§}.‘£"Qc`f.‘i°.`II.‘¤w$‘?·*’1§’..*Z}.‘§ c p r ee un an ty-two o the laws o the Fifty-secon v°'·”•”·°·‘°°· Congress oapgroved August Erst, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, as modid _ y the Acts of Conpess a proved February twenty- seventh, nineteen hundred and six, and Jiine thirtieth, nineteen hunw°gt¤¤:;J*;mP';gg*;; and six or apply to contracts which have been or may be entered ····~ into wide; xyxozisions of appropriation Acts approved prior to the passage o c_ . nr; cam Jmusry 1. Sec. 3._ That this Act shall become effective and be in force on and after January first, nineteen hundred and thirteen. Approved, June 19, 1912. { sgi].-1-All .43) certain conveyancee ummm made by the B¢itcriadedIgytI•cSmalc and Houseo Re esmtativee the United ,°‘jd¤’*§,;*m*;,'_i*_§f R•”· State; of America in gyigress aaseqdgél, 'Fhat all con?. ances or hggrgwhpgyivgg heretofore _ e by the Umon Pacific Railroadclyfom any ¤.,,1r,,d, or the Umon Pacific Railway Company, or Union Pacific Rssreyi Company, or the Leavenworth, Pawnee and Western Railroad Comany, or Umon Pacific Railway Company, Eastern·Division, or the games Pacific Railway Company, or the successors or assigns of any of