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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cue. 181, 182. 1912. 139 them, of or concerning land. forming a art of the ht of wa of the Union Pacific Railroad Compang grantliid by the Griiernmeng by the Act of Congress of July iiist, eig teen hundred and sixty-two entitled "L ”* '*"‘· "An Act to_aid the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean and to secure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes"; and_also oonveyances or agreements heretofore made b the Union Pacniic Railroad Company, or the Union Pacific Railway (lompany, or the Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Com any, or the successors or assigns of any of them, of or concerning landp forming a art of the right of way between Denver, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Vlrpoming, of any of sand compames granted by or held under any Act 0; Congress, and all conveyances or agreements confining the hmits of said right of way, or restricting the same, are hereby egalized, validated, and confirmed to the extent that the same would have been legal or valid if the land involved therein had been held by the corporation making such conveyance or agreement imder absolute or fee-simple title. _ That in all instances in which title or ownership of any part of said ,,,,*‘§,,"},'f,_°' *°'°"° right of way heretofore mentioned is claimed as against said corporation, or either of them, or the successors or assigns of any of them, by or through adverse possession of the character and duration gesoribed by the laws of the State in which the land is situated, su adverse pomession shall have the same effect as though the land embraced within the lines of said right of way had been granted by the United States absolutely or in fee instead of being granted as a. right of way. Sm. 2. That any part of the right of wai heretofore mentioned ,,,f,'}{,‘§'°,‘},°‘},,,,,',‘{,,.'?f'? which has been, under the law aépglicable to at subject, abandoned ¤W¤¤¤ 3 a right of way is hereby gran to the owner of the land abutting ereon. Sec. 3. That nothing hereiubefore contained shall have the effect to ,,,§',§",f,§,,‘§',,,,‘{,$L,,,2

 said right of way to a less width than fifty feet on each side ¤¤¤·

of the center of the main track of the railroad as now established and EMU maintained: Prmnkied, That nothing herein contained shall be taken No reétpnuon u or construed to be a recognition o any right in the Umon Paciiic '“°°""’°‘ Railway Company as successor in interest to the Umon Pacific Railroad Company. Approved, June 24, 1912. can. isa.- Act una t stem to »-me for me expenses et as *¤¤·=¤- 1*** government of theulhstrict of lélnlugiipboig for the fiscrarl) year ending June thirtietb, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and for other purposes. lP°b“°• “°· ml-] Be it enacted the Senate and House 0 Representatives 0 the United States of Amerigilin 00·n,f;rese asaernbZed,'}l'hat_the half of tg; following .p§'.1$‘°,ii'€l¤i°.°§.l°`°°°' sums named, respective y, is hereby appropriated, out of any money m,;‘mf"'“ m""°‘ in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and the other half out of the revenues of the District of Co umbia, m full for the purposes following, being for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nmeteen hundred and thirteen, namely: GENERAL EXPENSES. sewn upmu. Exncxrnvn Onion: Two commissioners, at five thousancfdollaxs §},,°i.,“§$°§,’,'§,;,, each; engineer commissioner, so much as may be necessary (to make #$2,%;% to mw salary five thousand dollars); additional oomfpensation for_two assist- nw eommisioner. ants to the engineer commissioner, detailed rom the Engmeer Corps V I 20 ·m of the United States Ann , under Act of Congress approved June °‘ "" eleventh, eighteen himdreil and seventy-eight, two, at two hundred and fifty dollars each; secretary, two thousand four hundred dollars;