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140 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. two assistant secretaries to , one at one thousand five hundred dollars, and one_ at one thousand two hrmdred dollars clerlrs—one at one thousand srx hundred dollars, one at one thousan five hrmdred dollars, one at one thousand three hrmdred dollars, M ·* °*·.:.;*·°“:r··~·‘ wotmd ·1r.‘¥m» °m:.*‘%.;:“:B Jes; stenogra an `tiypewrrter, one usan , hundredlimd forty o lars, one at seven hrmdred and tweng dollars, one at six hundred dollars; messenger·s—one at six dollars, one at four hundred and eighty dollars· stenographer and d1;Lpiewrrter, eight hundred and forty dollars; two drivers, at six hun dollars each; _ Ve¤¤r¤¤¤1¤¤’¤°°“· Vetermary` division: Vetermary' surgeon for all horses rn the de art- °°°` ments of the District government, one thousand two hundred dollars. Medicines, surgical and supplies one thousand dollars; ‘;·_¤=*•·*¤• M"' Purchasing division: Purchasing officer, who hall hereafter, under the direction of theeommissioners, supervise the purchase and dis- ~ tribution of all supplies stores, and construction materials for the use of the government oi: the District of Columbia, who shall grve bond in such sum as the may determme, thousand dollars; deputy pumhasing omcer one thousand srx hrmdred dollars; comcputer (transferred from per dremroll), one thousand four hundred an forty dollars; clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; clerks-one at one thousand three hundred dollars, srx at one thousand two hundred dollars each, three at nme dollars each, six at seven hundred and twenty dollars ; inspector of fuel, one thousand five hundred dollars; assistant inspector of fuel, one thousand one hundred dollars; atorekeeper-, nme hrmdred dollars; messenger, six hundred dollars· driver, our hundred andhzghty dollars; ins tor, nine hundred dollars; inspector, seven hun and eighty dolm; two laborers, at six hundred dollars each; mspector of property, mne hundred and thirty-six dollars; property-yard keeper, one thousand dollars; inspgctor of materials, one thousand two undred dollars · temporary la r, one hundred and Eftidollars. ‘,’}{,",{,'§“* """°°'*°" Building mspection division: lnspector of urldings, three thousand dollars; rincipal assistant inspector of buil , one thousand eight hundred) dollars; assistant inspectors of buil even at one thousand two hundred dollars each; fire-escape inspector, one thousand four hundred dollars; temporary employment o additional assistant inspectors for such time as their services may be necessary, three thousand dollarsrtwo civil engineers or computers, at one thousand five hundred dollars each; chief clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; clerks—one at one thousand and nity dollars, one at one thousand dollars, one who shall be a steno pher and typewriter, pine thousanél omgt nine hrmdred inrllars; mteisenger, four undred an ty o ; assistant ins tor, one ousand five ,,§j’,“,},",., °’”‘°;,,,'°’ To ;two elevator inspectors foilotlhe provision and main- MW teuance by themselves of two motor cles for use in their official inspection of elevators in the District o‘lyC0lumhia, fifteen dollars per lm month each, three hundred and sixty dollars; ""°°°'* For- the purchase and maintenance of one motor vehicle for the officral use only of the employees of the building division in inspection $213:, (pr lpo much thereof as may be necessary, one thousand five hun- . O BPS. "‘“""’*"* "“’°°‘ Plumbing ins tion division· Inspccto f 1 b' uaaramme. _ _ Z r 0 um two u- sand dollars· l assrstant inspector of plulinbinglzlgire thoutilsnd ‘ five hundred and ty dollars; assistant inspectors of plumbing—one at one thousand two hundred dollars, four at one thousand dollars each;- clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars· temporary emplo - - ment of additional assistant inspectors of plumbing and laborers fdr such time as their services may be necessary, one thousand seven