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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 182. .1912. 141 hundred dollars; draftsman, one thousand three hundred and iift dollars; sewer tapger, one thousand dollars; clerk, nine hundred do; lars; three mem rs of the plumbing board, at one hundred and fifty dollars each; mamtenance of motor cycle, one hundred and · twenty dollars; . In all, one hundred and fourteen thousand eight hundred and foréy-six dogars. ann or rsrmcr nurrmms: Clerk and sten a her two thou- °*'° °‘ ”'*”*°* sand dollars; chief engineer, one thousand four hougirdrped dollars; three Bum"` assistant engineers, at one thousand dollars each; electrician, one thousand two hundred dollars; two dynamo tenders, at e' ht hundred and seventy-five dollars each; three firemen, at sevenldrundred and twenty dollars each; three coal passers, at six hundred dollars each; electr·ician’s helper, eight hundred and forty dollars; eight elevator conductors, at six hundred dollars each· la.borers—two at six hundred and sixty dollars each, two at five hundred dollars each; two chref cleaners, w o shall also have charge of the lavatories, at five hundred dollars each; thirty cleaners, at two hundred and forty dollars each; chief watchman, one thousand dollars; assistant chief watchman, six hundred and sixty dollars; eight watchman, at six hundred dollars each; pneumatic-tube operator, si; hundred dollars; rn a.ll, thirty-six thousand five hundred and thirty dollars: Provided, MM- Tlrat_the earplployees herein authorized for the care of the District *"°l°°°°°°' building sh be appointed by the assistants to the engineer commissioner, with the approval of the commissioners. , For fuel, light, power, repairs, laundryilgechanics and labor not to ¥•*¤•·¤·¤°· •¤· exceed three thousand five hundred do , and miscellaneous sup- I plies, twenty thousand dollars. . · Assnssorr s omrrcnz Assessor, three thousand five hundred dollars, ·*"°"°"'°“°'· and five hundred dollars additional as chairman of the excise and - sonal tax boards; two assistant assessors, at two thousand dosahlis each; cler·ks——four, including one in arrears division, at one thousand four hundred dollars each, four, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, seven, including one in charge of records, at one thousand dollars each, two at nme hundred do lars each; draftsman, one thousand two hundred dollars; assistant or clerk, nine hundred dollars; license clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; inspector of licenses, one thousand two hundred dollars; assistant inspector of licenses, one thousand dollars; messengers-—one at six hundred dollars; one at four hundred and Efty dollars; three assistant assessors, at three thousand dollars each; clerk to board of assistant assessors one thousand five hundred dollars · messenger and driver, for board of assistant assessors, six hundred dollars; two clerks, at seven hundred and twently dollars each; tem rary clerk hire, five hundred dollars ;·record c erk, one thousand Eire hundred dollars; in all, forty-eight thousand two hundred and ninety dollars. Excrss mann: Chief clerk two thousand dollars; clerks——one at ¤¤¤¤••¤¤·¤!- one thousand two hundred dollars, one at one thousand_ dollars; messleriger, six hundred dollars; in all, four thousand eight hundred o ars. · Pmrsouar. rax mann: Two assistant assessors of lpersonal taxes, *’=¤°¤•'·°¤*·°“"- at three thousand dollars each; apipraiser oftgerson property, one thousand eight hundred dollars; erk, one ousand our hundred dollars; assistant clerk one thousand dollars; three inspectors, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; extra clerk hire, two-thousand dollars; in all, ffteen thousand eight hundred dollars. C0u.zc·r0n’s ormcz: Collector, four thousand dollars; deputy col- ¤¤¤•¤•¤·'• ¤¤==‘~ lector, two thousand dollars; cashier, one thousand eight hundred dollars; assistant cashier, one thousand four hundred dollars; bookkeeper, one thousand six hundred dollars; clerks-three at one thou-