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PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. XIX Page. Grand Army of Republik: erwampment. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of War to loan certnin tents_ior the use of the Grand Arm of the Republic encsmpment, to be held _ _ at P11JJ.1D1\¤,W|\SJ1l!1giDD, in June, nineteen hungred and twelve. April 22, 1912 .. 633 Jlasasusm _ Itwer, etc., levees. Joint Resolution Relative to the rebuilding of certain levees on the M_ _ _ _ _;pziR1;·cerand its t§ihu;a§£es.l April 30I1912 ... f. . .i1 il { ... 633 umsszppi e ., floods. om so ution a ropriations or the re `ef o suiferers tromjoods in the Misisnippi and Ohio Valleys. Apigii) 31, 1912 .. 633 Appropnattong, Joint Resolution Mnkinggppropriations to su ply denciencies in the appropriations for contingzxat egmnsss of the nate and House of {Representatives for the _ Escal yen.r mneteen hun an twelve, and_for other purposes. May 30, 1912 634 Colville Indian Reaervatwn, Wash., rights of way. Joint Resolution To authorize and direct the Great _Northern Railway Company and the Spoknne and British Columbia. Railway Com-

 the niatter of their conflicting claims or rights of way across the Colville Indian

ation, m_the State of Washington, in the San Poil River Valley, to read'ust their respective locations rights of way at points of conflict, in such manner as to nilow each company an rtiht of way through said valley; and in case of their failure so to do to _ authonze and e &creh? of the Interior to said rights of way. June 4, 1912, 634 House of ltepresemazwes, Charles F. Mdell. Joint Resolution Authorizing Charles F. Riddell, cashier m tiie_o&ce of the Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives, to sign all checks, requisitions, and papers m the place of U. S. Jackson, Segeant at Arms, to obtain money appropriated for the salaries and mile§e of Members of the ouse of Representatives · during 0 temponry diasbilitlypf the mid . S. Jackson. June 4, 1912 . 636 Congress of hambers of Commerce. omt Resolution provision for the Fifth International goiiggss of Chambers of Commerce and Comme and Industrial Associations. June - , .. I . . . .. 636 Potomac Park, D. C., structures. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Fifteenth Internst10unl_Con% on ygiene and Demography to occupy teniporary structures erected by the Aniencnn _Cross and to erect temporary structures in otomac Park, Washington, Distnct of Columhia. June 10 1912 ...,,. . ...,,,,.,,,,,_,,,.,.,.,,,,.,,.,.,...,,.,,_,,,., 636 Home of Representatives, Qharlu Riddell. Joint Resolution Authorizing and directing Charles . Riddell, cashier in the office of the Sergeant at Arms of the House of Retlpresentatives, to draw checks, requisitions, and execute all papers necemnry to obtain from e United States Treasury the money agigrogrinted for salaries and of Members, Delegates, and Resi· _ dent Commissioners of e ouse of Representstives, an for other J uno 25, 1912. 637 Smtthaoman Inuituubn, Regent. Joint Reso ution To appoint Andrew . 'te n member of the _ _Bo¤rd of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. June 26, 1912 637 Hmviwzg Joint Resolution Proposing an international maritime conference. Jxme , ... 637 Appfoprihcimu arended. Joint Resolution Extending siipropriations for the necessary operations _ Of the Government under certain contingencies. uly 1, 1912 ... . . 638 Smztluoman Institution, Regent. Joint Resolution Providug for the tilling of s vacancy in the Board o’§u{%egents1§f.t.he Smithsonian Institution, in e class other than Members of Con- 639 gress. y 3, 19 . ... . ... Arthur Henry Rostron. Joint Resolution To convey the thanks oi Congress to Captain Arthur Henry Rostron, and through him to the officers and crew of the steamship Carpathia. of the Cunard Line, for the *£rompt and heroic service rendered by them in rescuing seven hundred and four lives from e wreck of the stenmship Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean. July . 6 1912 639 Erwmrigrtiaus, Organized Militia. Joint Resolution Appropriatinf one million three hundred and 8 gnghousand dollars for encampmsnt and maneuvers or the Organized Militia. July 639 Army Jgng Resolution Making appropriation to be used in exterminating the army worm, M0 Judge Roger: WZ Archbald, impeadmmt. Joint Resolution Providing for the pnlment of the ex- P€§\I§8 of the Senate in the impeachment trial of Robert W. Archbald. ugust 1, 1912. . . 840 4Pr¤¤‘¤¥¤¤lwrn eazmded. Joint Resolution To continue the provisions of a joint resolution approved ply Erst, nineteen hundred and twelve, entitled ‘Joint resolution extending approprialilvilglgir the necessary opemtious of the Government under certain contingencies} ’ August 640 Ilezwan ducurbaruzs. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of Wsr to supply tents and _ rations to_American citizens compelled to leave Mexico. August 2, 1912 ... : . 640 Hama znnuvgxwn damage claims. Joint Resolution Directing the Secretary of War to investigate the claims of American citizens for damages suffered within American territory and growing _ °¤¥_0f the late insurrection in Mexico. u.§ust 9, 1912. .. .. _.: :. . 641 Ilezwan duzurbanaa. Joint Resolution To plrovi e transportation for American citizens Seeing _ {mm threatened danger in the Repub 'c of Mexico. August 12, 1912 ... t _ 64l H1swr·u:alPageam Committee. Joint Resolution To authorize the lonn of obsolete Slprmgiield rifles, iigdlgriziorth, to the Historical Pageant Committee, Philadelphig Penney vsma. August 641 APP'°P"W¢i01¤¢¤nnded. Joint Resolution To further continue the provisions of a joint resolution

PPfoVe5itJulyf6rs5; nineteen hundred ansi ttzrelég, entitled "J’3int Resolution extending

Ppmpna ions or e necsnry operations' e vernment nm er certain contingencies. August 15, 1912 .. . . .· . 642