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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. 159 Abbott, Berrett, Sayles J. Bowen, Brightwood John . Branch, old Mott, Randall, S hax, and Tinley Schools allloiiiii jamtors, at seven hundred dollgrs each; ’ i Adams, Addison, Ambush, Amidon, Anthon Bowen, Arthur, Banneker, Bell, Benmng (white), Blair, Blake, Blow, Bradley, Brent, Bnggp, Bruce, Buchanan, Carberry, Cardozo, Chevy Chase, Congress Heig ts, Corcoran,_ Dent, Eaton Edmunds, Eckington, Fillmore, French, Garrison, G1dd1D`FS, Greenleaf, Harrison, Hayes, Hilton, Hubbard, Hyde, _Jackson, ones, Ketchum, Langston, Lenox, Logan, Ludlow, Madison, Magruder, Maury, Montgomery, Mor an, Morse, Patterson, Payne, Petworth, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Polli, Potomac, Powell, Ross Slater, Smallwood, Takoma, Taylor, Toner, Towers, Twmmg, Twr, Van Ness, Webb, Weightman, W'heatly, Wilson, Woodburn, ormly, and West Schools, and one eight-room building located at Randle Highlands, in all, seventy-six janitors, at six hundred dollars each; Ivy City School, and one six-room building>to be located on site of old fhg? Street School, and one six-room uildin to be located on of Cardozo School, and one six-room in the twe th division; in all, four janitors, at five hundred and forty dollars each. Brightwood Park and Kenilworth Schools, two janitors, at three hundred and sixgr dollars each; Bunker Hill, eanwood, Hamilton, McCormick, Orr, Reno, Reservoir, Smothers, Stanton, Threlkeld, Military Road, and Burrville Schools; in all, twelve janitois, at three hundred dollars each; Conduit Road, Chain Bridge Road, Fort Road, and Fort Slocum Schools; in all, four janitors, at one hundred and fifty dollars each; In the event of the absence of any engneer, assistant engineer, mi°§"]°’l”‘ "“""` janitor, assistant janitor, laborer, fireman, or caretaker at any time during school sessions the board of education is hereby authorized to appoint a substitute, who shall be paid the salary of the position in w ch employed, and the amount paid to such substitute shall be deducted from the salary of the absent employee; d {ln all, one hundred and twenty thousand eight hundred and sixty 0 ars. » For care of smaller buildings and rented rooms, including cookin Cm °* ·_¤¤•¤¢* and manual·traini¤g schools, wherever located, at a rate not to exceed hmdi°°’ °°“` seventi-two dollars per annum for the care of each schoohoom, eiglgthousand dollars. _ _ mon. mspncroasz Twelve medical mspectors of public schools, ,‘$$,",,{§},‘,,f,‘,§}_?,$$‘°'”· one of whom shall be a woman, two of whom shall be dentists, and four of whom shall be of the colored race, at five hundred dollars each, six thousand dollars: Promkled, That said inspectors shall be §’,,,,,°'“;,°g,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. appointed by the commissioners only after competitive examination, ¤~¤··¤· ¤¢¤· and shall have had at least five years’ experience in the practice of medicine or dentist in the District of Co umbia, and shall perform their duties under the direction of the health officer and according to rules formulated from time to time by him which shall be subject to the approval of the board of education and the commissioners. mumwm Mrscmuaxuious: For rent of school buildings, repair shop, storage am. and stock rooms, twenty-two thousand dollars. m,,,,,,,,,,,. mm For amount required to,e uip temporary rooms for classes_ above ew. the second grade, now on hah time, and to jirovide for theestimatcd mcremed enrollment that may be caused y the operation of the comgulsory-education law, and for· the purchase_ of all necessary arti es and su plies to be used in the course of instruction whic gal? be providped for atypical and ungraded classes, five thousand o ars. . · For airs and rovements to school b'l1`.lld1.I1§B' and unds and R°°°"°’ °°°’ fo1‘_repr•?ing and heating, plumbing, an ventigging appu-