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160 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. d th inst llati of sanitary drinking fountains in build.? rrgusdugnpliedc witha themdame, eighty-five thousand dollars, to e immedrately available. . _ . _ _ pm¥:;¤¥·¤m”¢°" For thedpm-chase uid gpm of t00lB, books, arat o used m conn on _ manual , mud for incidental glpenses connected therewrth, twenty-three thousand five d ars. _ _ F¤e1.11¢h¤·¢*°· d For fuel, gas, and electnc hght and power, eighty-five thousand '“"‘"`“°’ F°..1..,..‘*“"¥‘r§t.?1·.£"..,.°""*.i‘§r‘&:*‘*‘° °i1’,°?.;¤*’.Fg.”·r.;‘.‘i3.““*“.g...‘;‘.§..°*‘:‘.f’.i’°.E r mm . . * . . Ima and furnishings for manual—trammg, cookmg, and sewuig schools, as follows: One four-room building at Igturzxlle, or? thorrsaérdurglcg- · t t one usan o ; b'hl:’sl,;$·dd)g-11n?:rl:.1d—trdnm:g} inothd twelfth division, one thousand five hundredjlollars; three kindergartens, one thousand dollars; one manual-traming shoH, three hundred dollars· one sewmg school, one hundred End trinity dodars; errno thrlree hundreddll ;' all, t undred y_oars. °""“"'“"°"”"°" For ?>o rrt expzgses? irr1cludin`%){fmnitur(¢;f reggrnrrr gr semi, ' , , me, urc ase an re arr _ - gzhtdglighydetlsjlumldgother items lfrot otherwtige provrdedh1E>ri including an allowance of three undred dollars each for livery o horse or garage of an Sutomrrbrle {gr the_slnpercl1`rrdtrn;;;lenttof schools, dft `ten to'anirs,anm noexceedmg__ rage tlllbrisathdusollars fognbookg books of reference, and penodrcals, fort -seven thousand Eve hundred dollars. _ · _ mm Fbr purchase of piannrs f<;r“schoo°Llb and schools, at an average coe no exc _ 0 US 886 , ' h dred doll . - . S"”““‘°"'"’”" mJli?orltner:it—bwil;sa;·ndhschpol supplies forpluzei of of thetoiirlst 'h , tt trmearenotsu 1 wr esame _ e gtfilgrrgedcsbynhtb gupegntendent of public schools under regulatrons to be made by the board of educatron of the of Columbra, and for ther necgsslary ixpirrses cg the plrrchasef drstrrbutrolrrérrtnrll preserve'; ° ex—oo an su es,mcudmgone an fdfsltodisnuof text·books and srgaléliee at one thousand two? undred dollars, and one assistant, at six undred dollars, arxty-iiye thousand {gw, ·n dollars: Provided, That the board of educatron, m· nts drscretron, 18 ` aur)lr1orized to make rlxclrianges of suzhbgoioks rvther educatronal ` t' ow on an as ma no esrra e or use. w ds puFor(:>:r(;·;harlne of United Statesyflags, eight hundred dollars. ”"""“ · Iilordgqrglplzgrlnlté gapgd rmproving sux additional school play- n , - gnhor maintenance and repairiu thirty-six playgrounds now established, one thousand five hundred dollars. _ _ °‘”’°°”'“"°”‘ For- nsrlenal, amxabor, ger Establishment and mainte- 0 sc oo ens, one thousand dollars. ,c;,T.;'},€*},°£]”4T..,*‘§ °" nallg; extendirrgitlrhe telephone system tg] new rchool buildings, includ- ' ecosto en w1re,ca e, esc arms, new , hldiduit connections, extra labor, and othesneeeslsigy items, in be gxgended under the electncal department, one thousand four hundred o ars. _;_¤;_;¤t·_;·_¤·v¤¤¤=¤· Fo,. Bmhm or and for extending the uipment and for the mamtenance o e rh cs dehartmmt m theogentral, Eastern, . Western, and M Street §rghmSchoo , three thousand dollars.

 f Far the pmgrase or rlhrtzges, apparatus;   andbmaterials

or e ‘ _ nes o e partm ts d l ' the Central, Eastern, Westerh, Busilrldssfantd M Street&l:1l.ighl(Sc1§¢`?’ol];: Norrnal Number One, and Normal School Number Two, and the mstallatron of the same, two thousand one hundred dollars.