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srxrr-sEc0Nn cosonmss. sm. rr. cu. 182. 1912. 161 Bumnmos nm on0mu>s: For the urchase of land ad'acent to the "¤"¤i¤¤• ·¤¤ Ecrookland School, three thousand dohars, or so much thiareof as may Emma" necessary. For completion of ·a normal-school building for colored pupils, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. For the purchase of additional groimd adjacent to the Corcoran School, for the extension of said sc col, eleven thousand dollars. _ The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby author- ie£`§°M°°°°"‘1 '°”' ized to_use_so much as may be necessary of any unexpended balances ,,,§,;g_3§,°¤g,§ {gg? rem m the appropriations for the purchase of a site for a new ~=1w¤1¤. C h School, for the purchase of a site for a new M Street v°l‘ °°’ "" °°l°‘ °°°‘ High School, contamed in the District apprgpriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve, approv March second, nineteen undred eleven, for the empglcgment of architectural services in the preparation of plans and sp cations for said high schools, and for such other personal services and expenses in connection therewith P as maéclile necessary: Provided, That the plans for the new Central Accommodations e-. High ool shall provide accommodations for not less than two °‘“'°"· thousand five hundred pupils. rl mw. For additional amount for "Repairs and improvements to school auuiili °`°" '° buildings and grounds" for the purpose of comp eting fire protection, such as iireproofing heating apparatus, iireproohng corridors alterations to heating and vent ilues, and the construction of iireproof structures for fuel and ashes, and the purchase and erection of fire extinguishers and fire gongs, to be immediately available, twenty-five thousand dollars. _ Hmmm t . Pupilsshall not be admitted to or taught free of chauge in the cm1e»e¤Y1'S¤lZ`i1*ir`ri:“¤ ublic schools of the District of Columbia who do not resi e in said *d”“¤°*°¤· District, or who during such tutelage do not own property in_ and pay taxes levied by the government of the District of C0lumb1a_in excess of the tuition charged hereunder to other nonresident pupils, or whose parents do not reside or are not engulged in public duties therein or during such tutelage pay taxes levie by the government of the District of Columbia in excess of the tuition charge hereunder ,,m,,,,,_ to other nonresident pupils: Provided, That any other nonresident Chnremcrruiucu. pupil may be admitted to and ta1§ht in said public schools on the payment of such amount, to be fix by the board of education with the approval of the Commissioners of said District, as cover the expense of tuition and cost of text-books and school supplies used by such u il; and all payments hereunder shall be paid 1I1l'»0•tll0 Treasury og the United States, one-half to the credit of the United States and one-half to the_ credit of the District of Columbia. _ um, 0, wt 0, That the total cost of the sites and of the several- and respective nm. ee. buildings herein provided for, when completed uplon plans and specihcations to be previously made and approved, s not exceed t e several and respective sums of money erem respectively appropriated or authorized for such purposes. _ _ _ _ m,,,,_ That the plans and specifications for all buildmgsfprovided for in t:;:T¤¤·>¤•¤¤•v- this Act shall be prepared under the supervision 0 the municipal P architectof the District of Columbia an_ shall be nioippcroved by the Commisioners of the District of Columbia, and sh constructed m conformity thereto. _ _ School buildings authorized and appropriated for herem shall be wf,‘§£':;_° °"°° °°" constructed with all doors intended to be used as exits or entrances opening outward, and each of said buildings having m excess of eight TOOIFB have at least four exits. No part of any zproprtatnon ¤¤·1f!'1§d m this Act shall be used ior the maintenance of 00 m any building unless all outside doors thereto used as exits or entrances shsllhplpen outward and be kept nmlocked every school day from one- hour llbfore until one-half hour after school hours.