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162 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. P,{••‘ •¤° °°¤*• P“· Oonmnua Iusrrrurrou ron rnn Dear: Forexpenses attending the instruction of deaf and dumb persons adimtted to the Columbia °“°"’°“°°°"°°°' Institution for the Deaf from the District of Columbia, under section forty·<-ight hundred and sixty-four of the Revised Statutes and as v°]‘ °l’ " °“‘ provid for in the Act approved March first, mneteen hundred and one, and under a contract to be into with_the sand mstitution by the Cigrnimissiogfiersdofl the District igtgoluxnbm, elevteg thousand fivehun e an dollars,orsomuc ereo asmay ‘nec . °°l°x°° mm For the maintenatrlce and tuition of colored_deaf-mutes of teachable V l m age belo to the District of Columbia m the Maryland School · ° `°‘ " for Colorrdfd Deaf-Mutes, as authorized in an Act of Congress approved March third, nineteen hundred and five and under a contract te be entered into by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, four thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be ·=»i‘¤l"‘°"""""’°"‘* rn K instruction or indigent blind unamn of the naman of Columbia, in Maryland or some other State under a contract to be entered into by Commissioners of the District of Columbia, six thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. mm METROPOLITAN POLICE. sum. Major and superintendent, four thousand dollars; assistant superintendent, with rank of mslpector, two thousand five hundred dollars; three inspectors, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; eleven captains at one thousand five hundred dollars each; chief clerlfi who shall also be property clerk, two thossand dollars; clerk an stenographer, one thousand five hundred ollars; clerk, who shall be assistant property clerké one thousand two hundred dollars; three clerks at one thousand ollars each; four surgeons of the police and lhs departments, at seven hundred and twently dollars eachadditional compensation for twenty privates deta` ed for special service in the detection and prevention of crime, four thousand eight hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; thirteen lieutenants, one of whom shall be harbor master, at one thousand three hundred and twenty dollars each; forty-sir sergeants, one of whom may be detailed for duty in the harbor patrol, at one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each; ive hundred and twenty privates of class three, at one thousand two hundred dollars eac ; eight - seven pnvates of class two, at one thousand and eighty dollars each; fifty-one pnvates of class one, at nine hundred dollars each; amount required to pay salaries of privates of class two who will be moted to class and privates of class one who will be promotegrllo class two during the Hscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, one thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars and fift cents; six telephone operators, at seven hundred and twenty dlillars each; fourteen jamtors, at six hundred dollars each; messenger, seven hundred dollars; messenger, five hrmdred dollars: inspector, mounted. two hundred and forty dollars; fifty-five ca tains, lieutenants, sergeants, and pnvates, mounted, at two hundred and forty dollars each; sixty-four heutenants, sergeants, and privates, mounted, on bicycles at fifty dollars each; twenty-six drivers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; three police matrons, at six hundred dollars each; in all, nine hundred and thirty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as Reduction in force ma ¤°c%S8ry° . · . ~ ' lifter June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and twelve, there shall be no appomtments, exclflpt by promotion, to fill vacancies occurring H1 Ogoi two, 16 tl;me_0f privates in the Metropolitan police uni ew oenum ro nvatesinallof asses been reduced to nn nnnannlind rn-ty. T md °l sm hm