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176 SHTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. H. Ch. 182. 1912. material, and purchase of tools and equipment; the purchase and` maintenance o farm implements, hve stock, tools, emhmpment, and miswllaneous items; transtportation; mamttnance an operation of means of transportation an means of transportation, including salary of captain of boat, at nine hundred dollars per armum, and 0 a man, at eight hundred and forty dollars per annum; and supplies and personal services, and all other necessary items, seventydive mmmlun _ thousand dollars; _ _ To duplicate water pump cement for eonstructaon repair work, erecting cow barn, wagon sheds blacksmith and repair shops, buildings to house pum and machinery, enlargement of plant,

 gr unloading barges at dock, and repairs for $2

boats_and barges, and other miscellaneous items, construction w to he done by contract or otherwise, thirty-seven thousand dollars, ,,._,_ to be immediately available; » · — For fuel for muntenmce, fifteen thousand dollars· fuel for manufacturing and consh-notion seventeen thousand five inmdred dollars; had to in all, thirty-two five hundred dollars. . i¤»e¤¤¤T°°°°° Hereafter theCommissioners_0f the District of Columbia are hereby authorized, undersuch regulatwnsasthey prescribe, tosellto md, ,9 t, a, the various departments and institutions of Ee government of the wives- · District of Columbia the products of said wor use, and all monm · derivedfromsuchsalesahallbepaidmt0the'1\·eesury,ono—halftp é•r&dit<l;ftheUnitedStatesa¤ndo11e·halfto thecreditoftl1eDistr¤etof nm 1a. . . In all for workhoumi one hundred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and thu·ty d ars. umu-. . MILITIA OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. For the followmg, to he expended nmder the authority and direction of the commanding general, who is hereby authorized and empowered c,,,,,,_,,,_ to make necessary contracts and leases, namely: For expenses 0 camps, including hire of horses for officers required to be mounted, and such hire not to be deducted from their mounted pay, instruction practice marches and practice cruises, drills, and ades, fuel, light, heat, cane and repair 0 armories, offices, and store- Ediises 'practice ships, boats, machinery, and dock, along~ side of, ock, telephone service, and for general incident expenses am. nc. of the service, twenty-five thousand dollars. For rent of armories, offices, storehouses and quarters for noncommissioned officers of the Army detailed for duty with the militia, seventeen thousand six hundred and sixty-four dollars. I 5`or printing, stationery, and postage, one thousand five hundred < dollars. For cleamng` and re airin uniforms, arms, and ui ments, and contingent expenses, tvgo thdgusand dollars. eq P For custodian in charge of United States property and storerooms, one thousand dollars. For clerk, office of the adj utant general, one thousand dollars. For expenses of target practice and matches, one thousand two hy 0,,,,,,,,, hundred and fifty dollars. ‘ For pay of troops, other than Government employees, to be disbursed under the authority and direction of the commanding general, twenty-four thousand dollars. m.%°“°° °f nm EXTENSION OF WATER MAINS. Refund in annual 1¤¤¤¤m¤¤¤ on sv- One half of the following sums appropriated in the District of Co- °°“‘“°‘°‘”°°'°’f”‘ lumbia appropriation Acts for the Eslizalpycais nineteen hundred and eleven ana nmeteen hundred and twelve, chargeable one half to the