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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. C11. 182. 1912. 175 For the care and maintenance of women and children under a con- .,,§},_°P°*¤° H°*P W tract to be made with the Florence Crittenton Hope and Help Mission by the Board of Charities, maintenance, three thousand ollars. Emma, mmm, Hosrrrar. ron rm: Irzsarm: For support of the indigent insane of inane. the District of Columbia in the Government Hospital or the Insane in said District, as provided by law, three hundred and ten thousand For deportation from the District of (blumbia of nonresident a£?i£{ °°°°d` insane persons, in accordance with the Act of "to charige V°”°·¤’·”“— the proceedings for admission to the Government ospital for e Insane in certain cases, and for other purposes," approved January thirty—’rir·st, eighteen hundred ninety-nme, _ ousand dollars. Mmm- ,0 1,,,.,,, ‘ _That in the foregoing sum the drsbursing officer of the ¤l<¤·¤·l¤¤- District of umbra is authorized to advance to the secretary of the of Charities, ugon requisitions previously approved b the audrtorof the Districtof olumbra, and upon such security as the Commissioners of the District of Columbia may uire of said secretary, sums of monciy not exceeding three hundrecllcdollars at one time, to be used only or deportation from the District of nonresident insane persons, and to be accounted for monthly on itemized vouchers to the accounting officers of the District of Columbia. h,k,,,m_,,,,“_ Rmmxr or rim mon: For relief of thedpoor, including ay of physicians to thtgpoor at not exceeding one ollar_per day each, who shall be appoin by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia on the recommendation of the health officer, twelve thousand dollars. mmdu wk '1`rz.4xsron·rArr0N or rarrrmzs: For transportation of paupers, two vwthousand five hundred dollars. · W W0m¤rousm5For the followinlghnow employed or authorized under Adialnistntirn arthe appropriation for the Wor ouse, namelly: Administration- "·"°'· Supermtendent, two thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; assistant superintendent, seven hundred and twenty dollars; stenographer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; stenoggapher and officer, six hundred dollars. or>¤¤¤¤¤••1¤1•· Operation: oremzm, sawmill, nine hundred dollars; foreman, construction, nine hundred doHars; foreman, stone-crushing plant, nine hundred dollars; chief engineer and electrician nine hundred dollars; superintendent brick kiln, one thousand five hundred dollars; clay worker, four hundred and eighty dollars; superintendent tailor shop, four hundred and eighty dollars; ummmw up Maintenance: Physician one thousand three hundred and fifty dol- r-ra. lars; superintendent of clothing} and laundry, seven hundre and twenty ollars; storekeeper, six undred and sixty dollars; steward, nine hundred dollars; stewardess four hundred and eighty dollars; veterinary and officer, seven hundred and eighty dollars; captain of guards, one thousand two hundred dollars; captain of the night watch, nine hundred dollars; receiving and disc officer, one thousand dollars; receiving and dischargi officer, mne undred dollars; superintendent laundry, four hunndred and eighty dollars; thirty-two day guards, at six undred and sixty dollars each; fifteen night guards, at six hundred dollars each· two day officers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; four night officers, at four hundred and eightg dollars each; care of Belvoir tract one hundred and 3§hgfy de; améhgrospigal ngrsg, frérirdhungred audi eighty dollars; in t-our usan eigt un e an thirty` oars; _ 1,,,,,,,.,;,,,,, l?`or the maintenance and operation of the District of Columbia can Workhouse at Occoquan, Virginia, including the supermtendenee, custody, clothing, guarding, maintenance, care, and support of prisoners; rewards for fugitives, provisions, subsistence, medrcme and hospital instruments, ur-niture, and quarters for and _other employees and inmates; the operation of plants, m udrng machinery,