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PUBLIC ACTS 0F THE SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS or rn UNITED STATES Passed at thefrat session, which was begun and held at the city of Waahieigton, in the District Tuesday, the fourth day of April, 1911, and was aeyoumed without on_T , the twenty-second day of A.uguat, 1911. Wrnmax Howann Tam-, President; Jaime Scnoomxarr Smminiw, Vice President; Wmmnm Pmncn Farm, Presidentof the Senate, pm tempore (died August 8, 1911); Omar Cunt, Speaker of the House of Representatives. CHAP. 1.-An Act To authorize the extension and widening of Colorado Ave- J¤¤¤ ¤°· im- · nue northwest from Longfellow Street to Sixteenth Street, and ot Kennedy Street [H' R· 86**] northwest through lot numbered eight hundred, square numbered twenty-seven [Public, No. 1.] hundred and eighteen. . · Be it enacted by the Senate and House of 1?epresentati·vee of the United States of America in Oongreea assembled, That under and in accordance &{f,',if§§‘ with the provisions of subcha ter one, of chapter fifteen, of the Code Mg 'f;g¤¢·{v S¤;¢*~d of Law for the District of Collumbia, within six months after the pas- lor éirieindilnléiewln sage of this Act, the Commissioners of the District of Columbia be, v°'·“·*’· 5* and they are hereby, authorized and directed to institute in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia a proceeding in rem to condemn the land that may be neoessar for the extension and widening of Colorado Avenue northwest from Iimgfellow Street to Sixteenth Street with a width of one hundred and twenty feet, according to the plan for the §rmanent system of highways for the District of Columbia, and of ennedy Street northwest through lot numbered eight hundred, square twenty-seven hundred and eighteen, with a wi th of ninety feet: Handed, however, That the entire amount found to be due and I awarded bg the jury in said roceeding as damages for, and in respect 1»en°éiiiZ¥°°° °° of, the lan to be condemned) for said extensionand widening, plus the costs and expenses of the proceeding hereunder, shall be assessed by the jury as benefits. Sm; 2. That there is hereby appropriated, out of the revenues of e,,§,§*g,‘§,l{'Q}§” '°’ me District of Columbia, an amount sufficient to pa; the necessary costs and expenses of the condemnation proceedirggs erein provided for and for the payment of the amounts awar ed by the jury as P"""°'““"“'°?‘ damages, to be repaid to the District of Columbia from the assessments for benefits and covered into the Treasury to the credit of the revenues of the District of Columbia. Approved, June 30, 1911. CHAP. 2.—An Act To au l ienc in the a riatione for conti t July 2l,191.1. Brpennes of the Home of Regfghdegigé forythe nscallylgxorpnineteen hundredngald eleven, and for other purpoeee. · [P¤bli¤. N¤· 2-l Be at enacted_b·y the Senate and House of Represen1at·ivea of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby appro- I Uryent aeaneneiu pnated, out of any money in the Treasmy not otherwise appropriated, P" ‘ 1