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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 2. 1911. 3 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. u£l¤¤’*°* °* °°l*¤¤· The amount authorized to be expended for the employment of “gP{g_L°f;§;_¤_g °°¤· personal services under the appropriation in the District of Columbia Algewauce for perappropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven, ',§$,.,_'°'"°“ l"` for the enforcement of certain Acts of bongress to prevent the spread V°l~ **6-1* W- of contagious and coxmnrmrcable diseases m the District of Columbia, is hereby increased from ten thousand dollars to ten thousand two hun dollars. MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT. AMY- The amount authorized to be expended for the completion of the Tfg'*$·¤* H~°“*'°**· chapel building at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, by the Act making hconrpieuon or approgiolriuahtions for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending ° ;gfé6’p_1(§_ g une It ieth, nineteen hundred and (fvigelvpé is hereby grasclglaiygilable or the ayrnent c any existing in e te ess on said ` g not in excesg of five thousand dollars. To complete construction under the authorization heretofore Pop dntupn. cal., made, on the military reservation at Fort Mason, California, of a "'" °"°‘ general supply_ depot for the supply departments of the United tates Arm , rncludrng the necessary storehouses, offices, sholps, stables, shecir, power houses, quarters, and other buildingpi, tcget er with wharves or the accommodation of at least four s ps of the Army transport service, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. NAVAL ESTABLISHMENT. “°"’· The rt' of the Act oved March fourth, nineteen hundred l">} and olggzntogntgtgegl "An ?l)df.(;1mak1éng aplplropriations for thp ngvrg wggegww 1:.,;;; ` the t `rt t , nineteen un re ¤` .’ ' iirxdntfvelgle, arid fo(i· othi?;lp;€po§§s,"uvI;hiclhSre?ds as follows :fgClerki me ded t t d ‘ t ten t countin officers a y(;rid‘sydlni1lSst3:!3.i¢1:ifs, glgneiilgcmigkmperg liishcrg diizd afloat iirct exceeding ter; clerks, and rigegzivirzlg ships, andl otlrer vessels twoclerlllcs to genera in ectors o a _ o · one cer to pay officerrn c argc of deserter? rolls;" is herleby ariirsénded to read as follows: "Clerks to paymasters at yards and stations, general storekeepers ashore, and receiving ships, and other vessels; two clerks to general inspectors of the Pay Cglps; one clerk tc pay officer m charge of deserters’ rolls; not exc mg ten clerks to accounting officers at {ards and] stations; and not exceeding ten clerks to general storeeepexs a cat. INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. m{:{°’*°' _ °°’“"· For work at C `tol and f r eneral repairs thereof, including Bags °'¥"'°'· forlitli-ri east gig vzgirg. frignts 43 age ceanfterlciflthe gapitoé and {lor Senate Rem"' em an ouse c ui ; agst s, ayar s an tac e'wages of mechanics mil labcrienrg? purchase, maintenairce, and of ogiggcglhrsile; agar not exeeedipg one hrbrgggd deglars for_the purc asc o rc an necess re erence an crty directory, one thousand seven hundredmznd fifty dollars. _ F or the care and rmlprovement of the grounds surrounding the l”'¥"°'*”“'°“”"’· Capitol, Senate and f ougertgiffice Buildings pay of ctrge cial;. mee amos, gardeners; or e zers; repairs avemen w , and roadways; to continue available during the fiscal year nineteen _ hundred and twelve, seven thousand dollars. DEPARTMENT or Jusrrca. ..3?""F"°°‘°""* For special emergen ‘ to th Court of Claims Building, mn M CNN two hundred Sud eighrgxexpdgfimc. ° k°°°°" Approved, July 21, 1911. _