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4 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. I. Ch. ·3. 1911. J¤1!%,1$11 CHAP. 8.-An Act To promote reciprocal trade relations with the Dominion of UL K ml] - Canada, and for other purposes. [ N0 U Be it enacted by the Senate and Houae£{Re eseretatives of the United m°*'¤*”*¤ *°°*P’°°‘ Suites of America in Congress asaembl Tlihlt there be levied, riuues on im1¤>¤¤ collected, and paid upon the articles hereinafter enumerated, the °°"‘ °‘“‘°" growth, roduct or manufacture of the Dommion of Canada, when xmportedp therefrom into the United States or any of 1l}8 gossessions (except the Philippine Islands_and the 1slands of uam an Tutuila), in lieu of the duties now levied, collected, and paid, thefollowmg duties, namely: ‘ ‘ ¤¤•¤•.¤¤=- Fresh meats: Beef, veal, mutton, lamb, pork, and all other fresh or refrigsrated meats excepting game, one and—one·fourth cents per nm . . P0Bagon and hams, not in tins or jars, one and one-fourth cents per un . p0Meats of all kinds, dried, smoked, salted, in brine, or prepared or preserved in any manner, not otherwise herein provided or, one and one—fourth cents per pound. Canned meats and canned poultry, twenty per centum ad valorem. Extract of meat, fluid or not, twenty per centum ad valorem. Lard and compounds thereof, cotto ene and cotton stearine, and animal stearine, one and one-fourth cents per pound. Tallow, forty cents per one hxmdred xunds. r ’ ‘ V Egg yolk, egg albumen, and blood bumen, seven and one··half per centum a valorem. _ _ _ me puree in eu. Fish (except shellfish) by whatever name known, ked in oil m tin boxes or cans, including the weight of the pango: (a) when weighing over twenty onmces and not over thirty-six ounces each, five cents per package; (b) when weighing over twelve ounces and. not over twenty ounces each, four cents per package; (c) when weighing twelve ounces each or less, two cents per packagf; (d) when weighing thirty-six ounces each or more, or when pac ed in oil, in bottles, ]ars, or kegs, thirty per centum ad valorem. . egqembles.c»•¤¤¤¤ed. Tomatoes and other vegetables, lllclllding COPD, 111 CSJIS Ol' other ' air—tight ackages, and inc uding the weight of the package, one and one-fourtli cents per pound. · 1'¤•>¤r.¤¤¤i·¤¢¤· Wheat Hour and semolina, and rye flour, fifty cents per barrel of one lnmdred and ninety-six potmds. Oatmeal and rolled oats, including the weight of paper covering, iiftg cents per one hundred*ponmds. om meal twelve and one-half cents per one hundred ponmds. Barley malt, fortv—five cents per one hundred pounds. Barley pot,Hpearled, orlpatent, one—half cent per pound. Buckwheat our or me , one-half cent per pound. Splg peas, dried, seven and one—half cents per bushel of sixty poun . Prepared cereal foods, not otherwise provided for herein, seventeen and one-half per centum ad valorem. Bran, middliugs, and other offals of grain used for animal food twelve and one-half cents per one hundred pounds. ’ Macaroni and vermicelli, one cent per ponmd. ,,,,’§§§§_°‘*°"·°‘°·· Biscuits, wafers; and cakes, when sweetened with ar, honey, molasses, or other material, twenty-fiv per centum adsirlxglorem. · Biscuits, wafers, cakes, and other Bbaked articles, composed in whole or in part of eggs or any kind of Hour or meal, when combined with_ chocolate, nuts, fruits, or confectionery; also candied peel candxed popcorn, candied nuts, candied fruits, sugar candy and ggliggscgonery of all kinds, thirty-two and one—half per centuin ad Maple msn. ew. · Maple sugar and maple sirup, one cent per pound,