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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. I. Ch. 3. 1911, 5 Pickles, included pickled nuts, sauces of all kinds, and fish paste *’*°*'°°· °'*¤· or sauce, thirty-two and one-half per centum ad valorem. Cherry juice and prune juice, or prune wine, and other fruit juices F’““!“*°°°· °°°· and fruit sirup, nonalcoholic, seventeen and 0ne·half per centum ad valorem. Mineral waters and imitations of natural mineral waters, in bottles M*¤°·‘·' W•*¢¤~ or Qsgs, seventeen and one-half Iper centum ad valorem. ential oils, seven and one- alf per centum ad valorem. E¤¢¤¤=l¤¤¤- Grapevines; gooseberry, raspberry, and current bushes, seventeen G¤·P°*'*¤·*·¤¤¤· and onehalf per centum ad valorem. Farm wagons and finished parts thereof, twenty-two and one-half Fm" "'“"““· per centum ad valorem. Plows, tooth and disk harrows, harvesters, reapers, agricultural ,,,,‘§,§‘_§,’f“““""”"*°‘ drills and planters, mowers, hdrserakes, cultivators; threshing machines, including windstackers, baggers, wei hers, and self·feede1s therefor and finished parts thereof imported fir repair of the foregoing, fifteen per centum ad valorem. Portable engines with boilers, in combination, horsepower and ““'”° ”""“'°"· °‘°· traction engines for farm purposes; hav loaders, potato d` ers, fodder or feed cutters, grain crushers, fanning mills, ha tdggexs, farm or field rollers, manure spreaders, weeders, and windinills, and finished parts thereof imported for repair of the foregoing, except shafting, twenty per centum ad valorem. Grindstones of sandstone, not moimted, finished or not, five cents G'“'°"°”°‘“ per one hundred pounds. _ Freestone, granite, sandstone, limestone, and all other monumental B““°'“* "‘°"°· °‘°· or building stone, except marble, breccia,» and onyx, unmanufactured or not dressed, hewn, or polished, twelve and one-half per centum ad valorem. Roofing slates, fifty-five cents per one hundred square feet. Vitrified paving blocks, not ornamented or decorated in any manner, and paving blocks of stone, seventeen and one-half per centum ad valorem. Oxide of iron, as a color, twenty-two and one-half per centum ad °""° °“"‘“· valorem. Asbestos, further manufactured than ground; manufactures of *‘”"""""· asbestos or articles of which asbestos is the component material of chief value, including woven fabrics, wholly or in chief value of asbestos, twenty-two and one-half er centum ad valorem. mmm mk Printing ink, seventeen and one·ll1alf per centum ad valorem. 8 ’ Cutlery, plated or not-·pocketknives, penknivos, scissors and “"“°"· shears, knives and forks for household urposes, and table steels, twently-seven and one-half per centum adp va orem. Bel s and gongs, brass corners and rules for printers, twenty-seven wl" °°°‘ and 0I}8·l18lf per centum ad valorem. Basins, urinals, and other plumbing fixtures for bathrooms and "“”‘°“"”"""‘ lavatories; bathtubs, sinks, and laundry tubs of eartlienware, stone, cement, or clay, or of other material, thirty-two and one-half per centum ad valorem. FFBSS band instruments, twenty-two and one-half per centum ad °"" “”"“"‘°"°‘ va orem. Cl00l¢s, watches, time recorders, clock and watch keys, clock cases, °I°°*"`"'°h°"°t°` and clock movements, twenty-seven and one·ha1f per centum ad valorem. Pri¤ters' wooden cases and cabinets for holding type, twenty-seven "*"‘° "”°'“ and one—half per centum ul valorem. ww, ,,0,,, Wood flour, twentgtwo and one-half per centum ad valorem. ` Chimes and small ats of wood, not power boats, twenty-two md °‘”°°”‘ "°' one-half per centum ad valorem.