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6 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. I. Ch. 3. 1911. 1'¤•¤•¤ Feathers, crude, not dressed, colored, or otherwise manufactured, twelve and one-half centum ad valorem. m_°""*°" “"‘“‘· Antiseptic , such as absorbent cotton, cotton wool, lint, lamb’s wool, tow, jute, geuzes, and oekum, prepared for use as surgical dressings, plain or medicated; surgical trusses, pessanes, and suspensory bandages of all kinds, seventeen and one·half per centum ad valorem. _ Punch- Plate glass, not beveled, in sheets or panes exceedmglseven square feeteach and not exceeding twenty-five square feet eac , twenty-five per centum ed valorem. · _ NM *•¤*<=1¤- Motor vehicles, other than for railways and tramways, and automobiles and ·£)arts thereof, not including rubber tires, thirty per . centum ad v rem. WM wir •¤•••¢· Iron or steel for the manufacture of wood pulp, twenty- °"' seven and one- per centum ad valorem. ‘ _ Ieatherswdn Musical instrument cases, fancy cases or boxes, satchels, reticules, card cases, purses, yixxketbooks, ily books for artificial dies, all the foregoing composed w olly or in chief value of leather, thirty _ per centum ad valorem. · ·“'“""“"'· Aluminum in crude form, ive cente per pound? — ` B Aluminum in plates, sheets, bars, and rods, eight cents per pound. U"' Intbs tencentsperone °***°¤‘*· Shingles, thirty cents per thousan . _ ‘·‘"'“’°'· Sawed boards, deals, and ntherlpmber, planed or·£n1shed on one side, fifty ceEts?er’tlfousand féetyboard measure; planed or finished on oneside an tonguedandtgoved orplanedorfimhed · on two sides, seventy-ive cents per userid, fee_, board measure; ·‘ planedoriimshedonthreesides orgnlanedandfinmhedontwosides and tongued and ved, one dollar and twelve_and one-half eents per thousand feet,%0ard measure; planed and finished on four sides, one dollar and fifty cents per thousand feet, board measure; and m

gbgiard measure under   scheduleo no deductign   be ·

ma eon measureonaccoun o plamng, ,an groovmg. §.,','{§g;•· °*°· Iron ore, including manganiferous iron ore, and the dross or No •1¤ow•¤¤• wr residuum from burnt pyntes, ten cents per ton: Provided, That in '°°°""°‘ levyingoand collecting the duty on iron ore no deduction shall ' made m’the weigh of the ore on account of moisture which mar be chemically or combined therewith. 0¤•1•l•¢¥¢¤‘¤¤l¤- Coal slack or culm of kinds, such as will pass through a halfinch screen, fifteen cents per ton. ‘ {•‘_{g.'·°in mc, on Provided That the duties above enumerated shall take eifect meg? ¤¢ amiss: whenever the President of the United States shall have satisfactory ¤,,“,.;¤{,,,,,,ac;,, evidence and shall make proclamation that on the articles hereingftetxésenumeratetg, growth, prozluct, (gftlallhufldtllfé of the Uniteg a oran 1 possessions exce e " ine dsan the islands_ ol, Guam and Tutnila), when importgll therefrom into mmm nun. the Dominion of Canada, duties not in excess` of the following are imposed, name y:

  • °•*'·°'°· meats: Beef, veal, rnutton, lamb, pork, and all other fresh

ggurgfingerated meats excepting game, one and one-fourth cents per Poggeion and hams, not in tins or jars, one and one-fourth cents per Meats of all kinds, dried, smoked, salted, in brine, or repared or preserved m any manner, not otherwke herein provided fdr, one and one—fourth cents per pound. Canned meats and canned poultry, twenty per centum ad valorem. Extract of meat, fluid or not, twenty per centum ad valorem. laard, and_ compounds thereof, cottolene and cotton stearin and animal steann, one and one—fourth cents per pound. ’