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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1911. 7 Tallow, forty cents per one hundred lpounds. Egg )’0h<, egg Slbumen, and bloodsal umen, seven and one—half per centum a va orem. , Fish (except shellfish), by whatever name known, acked in oil, in mh "‘°"°" ‘“ ““· tin boxes or cans, including the weight of the paclcagez (a) when weighing over twenty ounces and not over thirty-six ounces each, five cents per package; (b) when weighing over twelve ounces and not over twenty ounces each, four cents per package; (c) when weighing twelve ounces each or less, two cents per package; (d) when weighing thirty-six ounces each or more, or when packed in oil, in bottles, yars, or kegs, thirty per centum ad valorem. Tomatoes and other ve tables, including com, in cans or other e,X°¥°°""°‘·°°““°"· air-tight packages, and incliiding the weight of the package, one and ' one-fourt cents per pound. Wheat itlour and semolina; and rye ilour, fifty cents per barrel of F’°“'·"‘°°‘·°‘°· one hundred and ninety-six pounds. Oatmeal and rolled oats, including the weight of paper covering, fiftyocents per one hundred pounds. m meal, twelve and one—half cents per one hundred pounds. Barley malt, forty-tive cents per one hundred pounds. Barley, pot, Hpear ed, or atent, one-half cent per ound. Buckwheat our or meal? one-half cent per Split peas, dried, seven and one-half cents per bushel of sixty poun s. Prepared cereal foods, not otherwise provided for herein, seventeen and one-half r centum ad valorem. Bran, midrllings, and other offals of grain used for animal food twelve and one-half cents per one hundred pounds. Macaroni and vermicelli, one cent per pound. _ Biscuits, wafers, and cakes, when sweetened with sugar, honey, ",§§,’f,;‘,}§,;,f‘“""’·°°"· molasses, or other material, twenty-five (per centum ad valorem. Biscuits, wafers, cakes, and other bake articles, composed in whole or in part of eggs or any kind of iiour or meal, when combined with choco ate, nuts, fruits, or confectionery; also candied peel, candied popcom, candied nuts, candied fruits, sugar candy, and confectionery of all kinds, thirty-two and one—half per centum ad valorem. Maple sugar and maple sirup, one cent per mind. “"'° """'·°"`· Pic es, including gickled nuts, sauces o all ds, and fish paste or "°"‘°“·°‘°· sauce, thirty-two an 0ne—half per centum ad valorem. Cherry juice and prune juice, or prune wine, and other fruit juices, “"“*“‘"'·‘·°'°· anil fruit sirup, nonalcoholic, seventeen and 0ne—half per centum ad va orem. Mineral waters and imitations of natural mineral waters, in bottles “*°°"*‘ "•‘°'* or Eggs, seventeen and one—ha1f1per centum ad valorem. sential oils, seven and one- ialf per centum ad valorem. '·'*°°“¤‘ °"*· Grapevines; gooseberry, ras berry, and currant bushes, seventeen °'*P°"i“°’·°‘°· and one-half per centum ad vallorem. _ Farm wagons, and finished parts thereof, twenty-two and one-half P""` `"“"" ’ per centum ad valorem. _ _ I i [_ Hows, tooth and disk harrows, harvesters, reapers, agricultural ,.,$,_§‘Q`Y“““” mp " dr1lls_ and planters, mowers, horserakes, cultivators; thrashing maclunss, including windstackers, baggers, wei hers, and self-feeders therefor, and finished parts thereof imported git repair of the foreg0l¤g, fifteen per centum ad valorem. _ ___ Portable engines with boilers, in combination, horsepower and F'"" °'"’"°°°'°"‘ traction engines, for farm purpom; hay loaders, potato diggers, fodder or feed cutters, grain crushers, farming mills, ha te ders, f8·\:¥I|'0l' field rollers, manure spreadem, weeders, and wincgirnills, and fimshed parts thereof imported for repair of the foregoing, except shafting, twenty per centum ad valorem. 87618°—vor. 37——r·r 1—-3