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14 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cue. 5, 6. 1911. Rhode Islaudythree. South Carolina, seven. South Dakota., three. Tennessee, hen. · Texas, eighteen. Utah, two. Vermont, two. Virginia., ten. Washington, Eve. West Vxrginia, six. Wisconsin, elevan. ‘· T~- - ` Wyomin one. _ Arian; ma new Sm, 2. {Rat if the Territories of Arizona. and New Mexxco shall ` ‘°"'“' become States in the Union before the apportionment of Representa- "°·’· P- ”· tives under the next decennial census they shall have one Representative each, and if one of such Territories shall so become a. State, such State shall have one Re resentative, which Representative or Repre- _ v¤,p,m. sentatives shall be in sdgitiou to the number four hundred and thirty- · three, as provideei in section one of this Act, and all laws and parts of laws in conflict with this section are to that extent. hereby repealed; Meicnmnn nt ¤¤· Sm. 3. That ip each State entitled under this apportionment to ‘"°"“ more than one Repmsoutntive, the Representatives to the Sixty-third and each subsequent Congress shall be elected by districts composed of s contiguous and wmpmt territory, and containing as nearglas Ecncticableaneqml number of inhabitants. The mid districts all equal to the number of Representatives to which such State may be entitled in Congress, no district electing more than one Representative. fffggfggjil mpw Sm. 4. That in case of am increase in the numbercrf Representatives muum u wsu in any State under this n portionment such additional Representative or Represantatives shall ge elected by the State at large and the other Representatives by the districts now prescribed by law until such State shall be redist.ricted_in the manner provided by the laws thereof and in wcordance with the rules enumerated in section three of this 1*¤··¤¤¤¤¤¤\>¤r· Act; and if there be no change in the number of Re resentntives from n State, the Representatives ereof shall be electedp from the districts now pgligcdxibed by law until such State shall be redistriehed as herein rescrn . ~< u§·>¤·¤·»¤u··¤¤ M; P Sec. 5. That candidates for Igexresentative or Representatives to be

.§°"""°"°”° elected at larie in any State s I be nominated in the same manner

as candidates or governor, unless otherwise provided by the laws of such State. Approved, August 8, 1911. Ansmn 10.1011. CHAP. 6.-—An Act Permitting the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Sault Sainte (°·u°·] Marie Railws Com to construe maintain, d ‘ __[i·‘nbl1¤, x¤.Z3` _ the Saint Cm& Rivepxrgeztween the Saws of Wisci>I:zsi?;p:nl?it‘;i1 bridge mmm Be it enacted by the Senale and Home of Rqpresantat¤?vea o the United

  • °MTb*“;§m {State; {Amman in Congress assembled, That the consenilgf Congress

p,.,;,,,°.f§,u;¤.;.,.. as berexgmgnnted to the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Sault Sainte f,‘,§}°,*},';",§',}({‘,_“§';§ Marie way Comtvapy, a {ailway corporation organized under the gwneagnrnsnza cm: laws of the State; of Vrseonsm and Minnesota, to construct, maintain, &¤¤~y. hm. and ppegate s bndge and approaches thereto, across the Saint Crpxx Rnver, st n gomt suitable to the interests of navigation; from an pomt qu the sont bank of said river in lot one, section twenty-one, mwqshxp forty:c¤e north, 11:5: sixteen west, in Burnett County. Wisconsm, to a. pount Ol} the no bank of said river in lot one, section twe¤ty·0ue, townshnp forty·¤¤e north, range sixteen west, in Pine