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y SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. I. Cas. 4, 5. 1911. 13 ‘ been made, the reimportation of which is hereby aplrohibited except u n ent of duties equal to the drawbacks owed; or toany P? P°Ym . art1cle manufactured in bonded warehouse and exported under any Tobuco to N provision of law: And promded further, That w en manufactured ud, ’ tobacco which has been exported without payment of internal-revenue tax shall be reimported it shall be retained in the custody of the collector of customs until internal·revenue stam in yment of the le%al nin um duties shall be placed thereon: Jgszther, That catt e, my cre-ing ¤¤§’°»$Z horses, sheep, and other domestic straying zertts the "’· lin to f t r across uc un me this hnwn¢;nsyfo(i·Ntfii]g)r`;.uryryp‘•istum%‘:anpurp0ses only together their ofspring, shall be dutiable, nn ess brought bach to the United ,,_ 72. States within six months, under regulations to be prescribed by the ·¤¤¤¤·=¤· Secretary of the Treasury in accordance with the provisions of para- · graph four hundred and ninety-two.” ` Approved, July 27, 1911. . .— f tati in uum§’Z¢$.n°sm?.‘2¤‘}.%2iZi§“i-’¤‘¥¥t’*.‘L1?‘t‘§"“¤.°“‘ ° R°""'“‘ '*' °°°"'°7"""""‘ _.}£i;*:L] Bcitanaoted t/i¢Senate¢indHouas of t}w United ¤·v¤•¤¤¤'•• *¤ StatesqfAmer?z£n 6’on.y¤;r•:ls Ht afterftgg of ; gnsue March, tee thij e ouse o presen ves 0,,,., shall benclgriapoiied of four hpndred and thirty-three Members, to be umm apgitioned among the several Shtes as follows: . bama, n. _ Arkansas, seven. California, eleven. Colorado, four. Connecticut, live.


ori our. Georgia, twelve. Idaho two. Illinois, twenty-seven. Indiana, thirteen. gigs, clove;. sas, eig t. Kentucky, eleven. Louisiana, eight. glazing; fgur, rv n , six. Mas` h its ‘ t . Mi.E`§.E?°n.;t2LT..°°“ Minnesota, ten. Mississippi, eight. Rdiwsoum, sixteen. outa , t . Nebraslsa, gin?. Nevada, one. New Hampshire, two. ew or rt - . llgew tweliael. Nona camiaiinywuiu North Dakota, three. Ohio, twenty-two. Oklahoma, eight. Oregon three. Pennsylvania, thirty-six.