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12 . SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ons. 3, 4. 1911. more than four cents und, not including printed or decorated wallpaper, beinguthe s of Canada whenimported therefrom directly into the nited Statm, shall be admitted of duty, on the °°¤<l***°¤ P**=¤°· condition precedent that no export dut , exsprt license fee, or other M"` export charge of any kind whatsoever livhe er in the form of additional chaxge or license fee or otherwise), or any prohibition or restnction in any wa of the exportation (whether by law, order, regulation, ‘ contractual reition, oxilotherwim, directly og indirectlyg, shaélld hav; ° beenimposedu nsuc a , ar orwoo u ,or ewo use in the manufaclzllire of sulchppra , bdard, or wgodp pulp, or the wood pul used in the manufacture ogzich paper or board. _ rmaaennwvuw- 3. That for the urpose of further readjusting the duties on

 ’ °'°° importations into the   States of. article or artic es the growth,

product, or manufacture of the_ Dominion of Canada, of the exportation into the Dominion of Canada of article or articles the growthiproduct, or manufacture of the United States, the President of the nited States is authorized and requested to negotiate trade agreements with the Dominion of Canada wherein mutual concessions are made looking toward freer trade relations and the further S,,"';‘••·H°_ ,,, com expanaiono tradeand commerce: Provided however, {Phat me an scum re said trade agreementsbefore becoming operative shall be submitted "‘“'°°‘ to the Congrem of the United States for ratification or rejection. Approved, July 26, 1911. “ J¤!!¤ ill- GIA!. 4.-An Act To amend nve hundred of the Act a roved I'-,.} l"°—l August anu, mem names •m1p°?Q,'l*Ll¤innsa us ace to pmvaae rxgenue, [1’¤blicNo. cj eqmlin duties, and encourage the industries of the United States, and for other


'l"_:;¤u<:{1¤¤•- Md Be it enacted by the Senate and Hmaeof Representativee of the United von. stm?. vi. States Y America in Congress assembled, Thagparagraph five hundred """"’°°· of the ot approved August fifth, nineteen an nine, entitled "‘An Act to provide revenue, equalize duties, and encourag the industries of the‘United States, and for other'purposes,” shall so amended as to read as follows: · ungtigwx my **500. Articles theprowth, produce, or manufacture of the United n·l`•¤a° "` States, when return after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in con ition by any process of manufacture or other means; casks, barrels, carboys, bags, and other containers or co rerings of American manufacture ex rted filled with American products, or exported empty and returned dlled with_ foreign pgoducts, including shoo s and staves when. returned as barrels or xes;_also quicksi ver flasks or bottles, iron or steel drums used for the shipment of acids, of either domestic or forei manufacture, which s all haye been actually exported fmrn the Ugilted States; but P¤·¤¢¤¤¤•¤¤¢r· proof of the identity of such articles shall be made, under eneral regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, but the exemption of bags from duty shall a ly only to such domestic ba as may the exporter Ithereof, and if any such articg are snliylect to inte —revenue tax at the time of exportation, such tax sh l be proved to have been paid before exportation and not utggirsnwcrhm refunded; photographic dry plates or films of American manufacture (except moving-picture Elms), exposed abroad, whether developed or not, and films from moving·picture machines, lifht struck or otherwise dama€d, or worn out, so as to be uusuitab e for an other purpose than e recovery of the constituent materials, provicled the basic films are of American manufacture, but proof of the identity of such articles shall he made under general regulations to be prescribed b

»..;.,,,mu the Secretary of the That this , paragraph shall

"”•¤* not apply to any article upon which an allowance o drawback has