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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1911. ll Seeds: Flaxseed or linseed, cotton seed, and other oil seeds; grass samseed, including timothy and clover seed ; garden, field, and other seed not herein otherwise provided for, when m packages weighing over one pound each (not inc udinigower seeds). _ Fish of all kinds, fresh, zen packed in ice, salted or preserved in "**'··*’••**=•°¤~ any form, except sardines and other fish preserved in oil; and shellfish cf all kinds, including oysters, lobsters, and clams in any state, fresh or acked, and coverings of the foregoing. £a$erring whale, and other fish oil, including sod oil: Provided, That oil, whale oil seal oil and iish of all Ends, being the product rgigmingingcagri oi of fisheries carried on by the fishermen of the United States, shall be il; Y ° "` admitted into Canada as the product of the United States, and similarly that Hsh oil, whale oil, seal oil, and fish of all kinds being-lthe product of fisheries carried on by the fishermen of Canada, sha be adgliltted into the United States as the product of Canada. wt t. Mineral waters, natural, not in bottles or °“°°'*l '•°°¤· Timber, hewn, sided or squared otherwise than by sawing, and “¤"°'·"°%"’¤·•‘°· round timber used for spare or in building wharves. Sawed boards, planks, deals, and other umber, not further manufagumd thantzmgiiilr d d l h ll l hgh aving s , oa ties, an te ep one, tro ey, eectric t, and telegrggh poles of cedar or other woods. Wooden staves of all kinds, not further manufactured than listed or 'ointed, and stave bolts. §l(lk· _ ets and palings. . Plaster rock or gpsum, crude, not ground. ‘iYP°“”“·"“°‘·°‘°· Mica, unmanufactured or rough trimmed only, and mica, ground or bolted. Feldspar, crudehplowdered or ground. Asbestos not fu er manufactured than ground. Fluorspar, crude, not ground. Ggcerme, crude, not purified. °l’°°"“°· T c, gronmd, bolted or precipitated, naturally or artificially, not T‘l"~ for toi.let use. · Sulphate of soda or salt cake, and soda ash. 8***}- Extracts of hemlock bark. “°"“°°*· Carbon electrodes. °‘“’°" °‘°""°"”· Brass in bars and rods, in coil or otherwise, not than six feet in ”"·* lengtzah, or brass in strips, sheets, or plates, not polished, planished, or coa . Cream se arators of every description, and parts thereof imported Umm *°P•'*'°”- for relpair olf the fo ing. B0 ed iron or strxglo sheets or plates, number fourteen gauge or °•**•¤*¤¤**¤¤··*<= thinner galvanized or coated with zinc, tin, or other metal, or not. Crucib e cast-steel wire, valued at not less than six cents per pound. wl"' Galvanimd iron or steel wire, curved or not, numbers nine, twelve, and thirteen wire {gauge. _ Typecaating an t pesetting machines and parts thereof, adapted Typ' ““‘°°‘“°" for use in printing ohices. . Barbed encing wire of iron or steel, galvanized or not. l B°b°d`""` Coke. °°“‘ _ Rolled round wire rods in the coil, of iron or steel, not over three- “'“'°'°°* eightbs of an inch in diameter, and not smaller than number six wire gauge. _ Sec. 2. Pulp of wood mechanically ground; pulp of wood, chem- ,,,Z°,‘;,‘}m’('§l',§,.l’,'§’f.{: ical, bleached, or unbleached; news print paper, an other paper, and ¤l¤¢d fm °’ **¤*¥· paper board, manufactured from mechamcal wood pulp or from chemical wood pulp, or of which such pulp is the component material of chief value, colored in the pulp, or not colored, and valued at not