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10 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1911. Wooden staves of all kinds, not further manufactured than listed or 'ointed, and stave bolts. iickets and palings. ¤nnm.¤¤i¤•.¤¢¤· Plaster rock, or gypsum, crude, not ground. _

unmanufactured or rough trimmed only, and mica, ground

or t . Feldspar, crude, powdered or ground. Asbestos, not further manufactured than ground. Fluorspar, crude, not ground. °*!°•’*¤•— Gl cerine, crude, not purified. '*'·‘¢· Tale ground, bolted, or precipitated, naturally or artificially, not for toilet use. 8**- Sulphate of soda, or salt cake, and soda ash. ¤¤*°°"· Extracts of hemlock bark. °•"’°°°*°°"°‘l°‘ Carbon electrodes.

  • ’¤•- Brass in bars and rods, in coil or otherwise, not les than six feet in

length, wo; bras in strips, sheets, or plates, not polished, planished, or coa °*•¤¤•¤¤"•°°”· Cream separators of every description, and parts thereof imported for re air of the fotiggoing. ¤•**•¤*=·•**¤¤·°'°· Rollled iron or s sheets, or plates, number fourteen gauge or thinner, galvanized or coated with zinc, tin, or other metal, or not. _ WM- Crucib e castrsteel wire, valued at not e: ; than six cents per pound. Galvanized iron or steel wire, curved or not, numbers nine, welve, '¤‘!v•¤•¤*·“*°'· an ting machines and parts thereof,·‘adapte•‘1 for use in _ . _·

  • "”•· ggibed encingwnreof ironorsteel,galvmmsd<unot.

o. . '”¤·¤¤¤·~ Rolled roundwirerodsin thecoil,ofironor steel, not over threeeighths of an inch in diameter, and not smaller than number ’x wire {gg- In dm gslggrovided, That the articles above enumerated, the aowth, product, en evuiiiig of iree or manufacture of the Dominion Canada, shall exempt from ·‘2"..;’*.1*?¤'h.{"¤°;?¢;’3 dnt when the President er the Umm sms; stun have satisfactory ¤•••••r¤¤¤¤· evidence and shall make proclamation that the following articles, the growth, product, or manufacture of the United States or any of

 (excegtthe Ifhilipgne Islands and the Islands of Guam

www MM- ailgutuila), are tted into e Dominion of Canada free of duty, nam y: mum Live animals:_ Cattle, homes and mules, swine, sheep, lambs, and all other live animals. P¤¤¤¤r· Poultry, dead or alive. _ Mum odxghcat, rye, oats, barley, and buckwheat; dried peas and beans, e. Corn, sweet corn, or maize (except into Canada for distillation). ¤•r.••¢- Hay straw, and cowpeas. · V¤¤¤¤1••· vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, onions, ca h:1ng ag otfier vegetables their natural state. · ""““~ ¥ 68. P¤¤¥¤. P¢¤¢ H, , berries, and all other same me in agi} mms ma. mlm Dnedfruitsz Apples, peaches, pears, and apricots, dried, desiccated, ¤»· °r1ivip°r°¤§t°.ifa na 1. dfreshmilk a P a_?·g>¥°d¤°¤· _ p uc Z u el', C 81386, 811 ° an cmgm; pg. €2¤m`es¤¤¤ vdeeiullzhat cans actual? used in the transportation of milk or cream mag be pased an forth between the two countries free of duty, un er such regulations as the respective Governments mav prescribe. lan Eggs of barnyard fowl, in the shell. — Hum:. Honey. 0¤¤¤¤¤¢¢d ML Cottonseed oil. .