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SIXTYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1911. 9 Condensed milk, the weight of the package to be included in the °°¤°•¤••‘¤¤*· ws§ht for duty, two cents per pound. iscuits without added sweetening, twenty centum ad valorem. m§{,}°'**°•· ¤°* **••*· Fruits in air—&ght cans or other airtight pacglges, the weight of the c¤i¤•¤,•w.,r¤ua cans or other packages to be includ in the weight for uty, two cents per ponmd. - .Peanuts, shelled, one cerglper pound. *’°'*'*“°’· Peanuts, unshelled, one- cent per pound. . Coal, bituminous, round and run of mine, including bituminous B““"“""“’ °°"· goal suctl; as will not pam through a three-quarter inch screen, forty- ve cen per ton. 'l`hat the articles mentioned in the foll hs, the growth ,,,,§‘§ld°§,' ”""‘ °“" product, or manufacture of the Dominion of 8ana§a,Pwhen mm therefrom into the United States or any of its possessions (except the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila), shall be exempt from duty, namely: Live animals: Cattle, horses and mules, swine, sheep, lambs, and “"""“· all other live animals. Poultry, dead or alive. '°““”· °d1%hcat, rye, oats, barley, and buckwheat, dried-peas andbeans, ‘”""· e. _ · gm, sweet fin, or maize. my M y, straw, cowpeas. ~ · Frmh vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoa, yams, turnips, onions, “*’°“”‘°‘ cabb§es and all other vegetables in their natural state. _ fruits: apples, pears peaches, grapes, bemes, and all other g“ edible fnuts m ear natural state, eacept lemons, oranges, Innes, gralxfruit, shaddocks, pomelos, and pmeapples. _ _ `ed : Apples, peaches, pears, and apricots, dried, desiccated, h"“·""°'l-°“°· or eva ra . _ ‘ _Dair%_0lpLroducts: Butter, cheese, and fresh and cream: Pro- P)°“f_g’°““°"· vided t cans actually used in the transportation of milk or cream Return ot sua. mag be passed back and forth between the two countries free of duty, un er such regulations as the respective Governments may prescribe. Eggs of barnyard fowl, in the shell. E“‘

 il c ~»--·-“°‘°’: »··

o . · Seeds: Flaxseed or linseed cotton seed, andother oil seeds; grass °°°"‘ seed, including timothy and clover seed;.garden, field, and other seed not herein otherwise provided for, when in packages weighing over one fpound each (not including flower seeds). _ Fish o all kinds, fresh, frozen, (packed in ice, salted, or preserved *`****·""‘·°‘°- m any form, except sardines an other fish oil; and shellfish of all including oysters, lobsters, and clams in any state, fresh or packed, and coveri%of the fo oing. _ Seal, herring, whale, and other oil, incling sod oil: Promded, That oil, whale oil, seal oil and fish of all kinds, being the product °"•°•*¤m; ¤;§*°g of fisheries carried on by the hshermen of the United States, shall be si-xs-. admitted into Canada as the product of the United States, and, similarly, that Bah oil, whale oil, seal oil, and fish of all kinds, bein the product iisheries carried on by_the fishermen of Canada, shall be adgsltlted mto the United States as the product of Canada. wt Mineral waters, natu not in bottles or . °°"°°"'°"' Timber, hewn, sided.;} squared otherwlslbgl than by sawing, and “""‘”·""""'·‘“‘ round timber used for spare or in building wharves. . Sawed boards, planks, deals, and other umber, not further manufacltured than sawed. aving poets, railroad ties, and tele hone, trolley, electric- t, and telegraph poles of cedar or other goods.