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S`fX'l'Y·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 350. 1912. 397 Acts, except tempor details of iield employees for service nected sol£% with theairlrespective em cm- _Pnrrsrorr mos: Commissioner of Pensions, $5,000; De uty Com- ’•¤¤°¤g‘_¤¤¤ mrssrener, $3,600; chief clerk, $2,500; assistant chief clerilr, $2 000- P°°"°` medical referee, $3,000 ; assistant medical referee, $2,250; two qualified sn%eons, at $2,000 each; fifteen medical examiners, at $1,800 eacherg t chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; law clerk, $2,250; chief of board of review, $2,250; fifty-seven princi al examiners, at $2,000 each; private secretary, to be selected and) appointed b the Commissioner of Pensions, $2,000; sixteen assistant chiefs ofy division at $1,800 each; three stenographers, at $1,600 each; clerks—ninety-five of class four, one hrmdred of class three, two hundred and seventy- five of class two, two hundred and_ninety-five of ,class one, sixty- five at $1,000 each; thirty copy1sts· twentygseven messengers; twelve assistant messengers; seventeen skilled la rers, at $660 each; twenty messenger boys, at $400 each; superintendent of buildiirg, $1,400; twenty-three laborers; ten female laborers, at $400 e ; fifteen charwomen ; one pamter, and one cabinetmaker, skilled in their trades, at $900 each; captain of the watch, $840; three sergeants of ge ;v]:1t¢;h;=lat;75;0 twentyDr(:atchmen; for the following under e `e er o e tenor partment: Engm' eer $1 200· and two firemen; in all, $1,478,100. ’ ’ ’ No transfers from the Pension Omce existingiguly first, nineteen nf',} '°*'”¤ °‘ **•¤* hundred and twelve, shall be returned to said o e. For per diem, when absent from home and traveling on duty out- v;g'¤‘}{& °'·°·· *¤· side the District of Columbia, for special examiners or other persons emplo ed in the Bureau of Pensions, detailed for the purpose of making specialinvestigatrons pertaining to said bureau, in lieu of exipenses for subsistence, not exceeding $3 per day, and for actual an other necessary ex enses, mc1ud.i.:§ telegrams, $215,000. For com listing the inst ation of the card-index system of the °"°*¤°°*· records of die Pension Omce, $5,000. _. For an additional force of forty-five special examiners for one lyear, _,;}_‘,§§‘,§§,‘j.§*‘ ‘P°°*‘* at $1,300 each, $58,500, and no person so appointed shall be employed in the State from which he is appointed· and any of those now employed in the Pension Omce or as special examiners may be reappointed if they be found to be qualified. _ Pyrmrrr Omron: Commissioner of Patents $5,000; first assistant *"“‘°“‘°“°°· commissioner, who shall perform such duties pertaining to theomce of commissioner as may be assigned to him by the commissioner, $4,500; assistant commissioner, who shall perform such duties pertaining to the omce of commissioner as mayhue to him by the commissioner, $3,500; chief clerk, who s be qualified to act as principal examiner, $3,000; two law examiners at $2 750 each; three exammers in chief, at $3,500 each; examiner of interferences, $2 ,700; examiner of trade—marks and designs, $2,700; six assistant examiners of trade-marks and designs, at $1,500 each; examiner of classification, $3,600;forty-threeprinci al examiners. at $2,700 each; sixty-threefirst assistant examiners, at ¥2,400 each; seventy-thr·ee second assistant examiners, at $2,100 each; eighty-eight thir assrstant examiners, at $1,800 each; one hundred and ten fourth assistant examiners, at $1,500 each; financial clerk, who shall give bonds m_such_ amount as the Secretary of the Interior may determine, $2,250 ; librarian, $2,000; six chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; three assistant chiefs of drvrsron, at $1,800 each; private secretary, to beselected and appomted by the Commissioner of Patents, $1,800; translator of languages, $1,800; clerks—nine of class four, nine of class three, seventeen of class two, one hundred and thirty of class one, ninegy at $1,000 each; three skilled draftsmen, at $1,200 each; four dr tsmen, at $1,000 each; messenger and property clerk, $1,000; ninety copyrsts ; fifty copyrsts,