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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 403 office of Second Assistant); two laborers; two pages, at $360 each; in all, $203,380. · Division of Dead Letters: Superintendent, $2,750; clerk of class ,,,,,2f** ‘°"°" "“"‘ four, who shall be chief clerk; clerks——five of class four, eight of class three, ten class two, thirty-four of class -one, thirty-eight at $1,000 each, thirty-nine at $900 each; messenger; three assistant messengers; ifteen aborers; six female laborers, at $480 each; in all $170,030. ` Division of Supplies: Superintendent, $2,500; assistant superin- smb °' tendent, $2,000; clerks—two of class four, three of class three, eleven of class two, eighteen of class one, sixteen at $1,000 each, eigt at $900 each; mesesger; eleven assistant messengers; eighteen la rers; page, $360; in , $94,,100. _ h dl i Division of To : For topegrapher,_ $2,750; assistant .i¤T£’°°'°’ ’ ` topographer, $2,000; ed draftsmen—four at $1,800 each, four at $1,600 each, four at $1,400 each, five at $1,200 each; examiner, $1,200; clerkof class two; map mounter, $1,200; mechanic, $1,000; copyists of maps—seven at $1,000 each, four at $900 each; assistant ma&)mounter, $720; assistant messenger in all, $46,790. . mmcnm Exrmcsns, Pos·r Orucs Dnrannmur: For station- §g’$*°’;g°,‘;‘°‘P°“°°* ery and blank books, index and guide cards, folders, and binding ' devices, including amount necessary for the purchase of free penalty envelopgs, $20,000. · H hm w For el and repairs to heating, lighting, and power pslant, including ”°" P °“ ° ‘ repairs to elevators, the purchase and exchange of too and electric su lies, and removal o ashes, $35,000. Er gas and electric lights, $350. ger telegraphing, $4,000. or ainting, $2,000. For iiurchase, exchange, hire, and keeping of horses and vehicles, and repair of vehicles and harness, to be used only for official pur- P°S°S» $2:500- . . uncnuneous. For miscellaneous items, including the exchange of typewriters, adding machines, and other labor-saving devices; street car tickets not exceeding $200; plumb` , floor coverings; and postage stamips for co ndence addressldii abroad which is not exempt un er Article Eleven of the Rome convention of the Universal Postal Union, $20,000, of which sum not exceeding $3,985 may be expended for teleplgone service, and not exceeding $1,500 may be expended for law boo , books of reference, railway guides, city directories, books necessary to conduct the business of the department; and repairs to the Post Office Department building. ew For furniture and iiljnicabinets, $5,000. - F“""°`"°' ' For rent of a suitable uilding for storage of the files of the Post R""` Oiiice Department, $3,000. For rent of stables, $500. cum Pommmde For the ublication of copies of the Official Postal Guide, including not exceeding three thousand copies for the use of the executive departments, $24,000. ,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,,, or miscellaneous 'expenses in the Division of Topography in the preparation and publication of post-route maps and rural-delivery maps or blue prints, including tracing for photolitheraphic repro- _ duction, $26,000. And the Postmaster General may authorize the S“°· °°" sale to_the public of post-route ma and rural—delivery mags or blue prints at the cost of printing andilzen per centum thereof a ded, the proceeds of such sales to be used as a further appropriation for the preparation and publication of post-route maps and ruraldelivery maps or blue prints. Of this amount $100 may be expended in the Bprchase of atlases. geographical and technical works needed in the `vision of Topography.