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402 S1XTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Suas. II. Ch. 350. 1912. ° ofclassone four •.t$1 000each, eight at $900 each; i; ’f,d§riltassistmt mdss ; laborer; two pages, at $360 each; in , $82,650- . . appeununents divi- • · • u¤¤g{·,gg’ mtmmts: Supennbendbllf, $3 000' dm twi;>has“s’§tl;n(t§, zi:-B$2,000 ea¤h|; of class four, fourteen of class three, ten of class two, B1X_0f Il:§(§0\1l' at $1,000 each, two

 8Q¢h’ two   ID y 7 .

°“¥ °°“'"’ ‘“'i‘ “Division of city delivery: Superintendent, $3,000; assistant supermm `intendent, $2,000; cla·l:a—three of clam three, two of class-two, seven of class onmlfcgg ;g0$1,000 each, two at $900 each; messenger; laborer- in , , . . , Second Mir-¤¢ ()n·{ smc Assr¤·n1rrP0811¢as*rn1nGn1t1:mi.aL: Second Assist- §°?°°"°" an I on term) $5,000• chief clerk, $2,500· superintendent =¤ ant Postmas _ , . » . “‘“"" ‘“‘"°` ` of raalwa admtments, $3000; assistant superintendent neun aivuen. division _ Y _] » . . . . P¤¤¤!x¤ ¤•¤• 0*- of railway $2,250; Sllglhtqhflght division of - {craig;] mails, $3,000;•ss1st;nt_supe¤nten t division of foreign mails, $2,%1)0; supergintendent <tl’1v&1&x;0 of msxtion, $2,0021; superintendeut °v1sion o mpme¤` . ; . BVBD 0 ¤·¤¤ 0¤1' (three transferred to gee of Fourth A(?i;_tant), twenty-f<31r of cl? three‘(seventeen fnusf _ to ,9 r t§¤ , · four of class two (ten transferred to oice of Fourth Assistant), fourteen of class one (fourteen transferred to office of Fourth Assistant), twelve at $1,000 each (four transferred to office of Fourth Assistant), ive at $900 each (tvgfo transferred tglohiceoinlzourth Asmtszrg); messenger in charge $900; ve assis ¤10¤¤0¤3¤rS, 0 transferredtooiHpeofFourthAssistant); £§e,$480; inall, $151,830. s.R§°r.'§$.f“° B"` Division of Rallwayllail Service: Gen _ sigierintendent, $4,000; assistantgeneralsuperintendent,$3,500; chief erk,$2,000; clerks— two of class four, five of class three, six of clam two, five of class one, three at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; in all, $40,300. ,.,{,’;,§§‘,,§"w§2§ Omen Tmnn AssrsrA1rrP0s1aus·rzn Gmmnax.: Third Assistant ¤¤¤- Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500,;_super1ntendent §,’f,‘,{‘,,*;,‘w§’,;,';;_ Division of Stamps, $2,750; superintendent Division of Finance who shall give bond in such amount as the Postmaster General may determme for the faithful discharge of his duties, $2,250; assistant superintendent Division of Finance, $2,000; sugerintendent ,,,§,‘f”“’°'“°“ ‘“"' Division of Classification, $2,750; chief Division of edemption, mR·¤¤·¤¤·<= ¤¤•¤¤¤# $2,000; superintendent Division of Registered Mails, $2,500- °°` clerks—nine of class four, twenty-three of class three, thirty-two of class two, forty-four of class one, twenty-eight at $1,000 each, e` hteen at $900 eaghéomessxnggié giigioassistant messengers; twelvddaborers· p , 3 ; m , , . ,..,’§’“" °'“" M"' Diviznggn of Money Orders: Superintendent, $3,500; chief clerk, $2,250; clerks—three of class four, seven of class three, eleven of class two, eleven of class one, ten at $1,000 each, ten at $900 earh; ,,0,,,,,, ,“,s,,,,,, assistant messenger; four laborers; in all, $73,310. gmmmr mem, Omron Fomzrn Assrsuzrr P0s·mas·r1·:1z Gnnnnn.: Fourth Assist- °‘ _ antlfostmmter General, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,500; su erintendent "“"'“`°“""'““'°°‘ Hm %§£t‘"$ tt’§"* §’a¥°‘¥ £“§"‘*" ““¥°§"*““‘£“‘ c _ , _, gc cer 'viswno m·alMails,$2,000 (ig l1egf<g6csupg¤nteudeug$)Dl$1m0n of Contiiacts, triansferreel from oce on Ass1stan;cer eno cass our incu` three transferred from office of Second Assistant), twentir of dllalig three (including seventeen transferred from office of Second Assistant), twenty-two of class two (mcluding ten transferred from office of Second Assistant), fort -four of class one (including fourteen transferred from office of Second Assistant), forty-three at $1 000 each (including four transferred from office of Second Assistant) ten_at $900 each (including two transferred from office of Second Assistant); stenographer, $1,600; stenographer, $1,200; two mesr sengers; three ass1stant messengers (including two transferred from