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SIXTYZSEGOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 401 For rent of office for the surve or general a of `anitor, furniture and repairs, stationery, binding records, blanks, books of reference for office use, and other incidental expenses, including the exchange of typewriters, $1,500. For surveyor general of Wyoming, $3,000, and for the clerks in his w’°”‘*°" · oHiFce, $17,00i;; m all, $20,000. d I. hgh or pa o messenger, stationery, an su `es, ts; rin , binding, éwks, post-office‘ box rent, truments, xiiounttggg maps, ice, towels, furniture and repairs boo of reference for office use, and other incidental expenses, including the exchange of type-

 u’200` chargeabl ui r r M ¤·¤ ·¥¤ · ·=

tno eto eo ingaproriations or °" "' clerk hire incidental expenses in theaiomces ol) tli>e surveyors mmm general shall be incurred by the respective surveyors general in the conduct of said_oflices, excgnupon previous specific authorization by the Commissioner of the eral Land Office. · POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. ,,,§’,‘§{‘ °m°° °°""" Orncz Pos·nns·rz1z Gmman.: For Postmaster General, $12,000; cme. °"°L1"Z»°x,°' chief clerk Post Ofhce Department including $500 as superintendent °‘°‘ of Post Office Department buildiw, $4,000· private secretag, $2,500; disbursing c erk, $2,250; boo eeper anclaccoxmtant, $1 8 ; two stenograpliers, at $1,600 each; appointment clerk, $2,000; clerk, assistant to c `ef clerk, $2,000; clerks——two of class four, five of class three, including clerk, six of class two, three of class one, four, at $1, each; three, at $900 each; curator of museum, $1,000; telephone switchboard operator; assistant telephone switchboard operator; messenger in charge of.H1&llB, $900; _ messenger; two assistant messengers; page, $360; engineer, $1,400; m,“§f‘”§}§°”‘ ""°°' eight assistant engineers, at $1,000 each; electrician, $1,400; two assistant electricians, at $1,200 each; three dynamo tenders, at $900 each; fireman, who shall be a blacksmith, and fireman, who shall be a steam fitter, at $900 each; ten elevator conductors, at $720 each; seventeen firemen; c nters——one at $1,200, one at $1,000; two, at $900 each; captain oi the watch $1,000; additional to two watchmen acting as lieutenant of watchman, at $120 each; twenty-four watchmen; foreman of laborers, $800; forty-five laboreis; plumber and awning maker, at $900 each; female laborers-one at $540, three at $500 each, three at $480 each; forty-five charwomen; in all, $172’150’ Division of putat- Division of Post-oEice Inspectors: Chief inspector, $4,000; chief acexnmcam. clerk, $2,000; clerks—three o class four, eight of class three, twelve of class two, sixteen of class one, fourteen at $1,000 each, fifteen at $900 each; three assistant messengers; laborer; m all, $90,520. hmmm mm,. Division of the Purchasin Agent: Purchasing agent, $4,000; chief axvwen. clerk, $2,000· clerks —one og class four one of class three, one of class two, two of class one, two at $1,000 each; assistant messenger; actual

 necessary expenses of the purchasing agent while traveling on

business of the Post-Oflice Department, $500; in all, $16 420. A-ima, Mmm, D1v1sion_ of Assistant Attorney General for the Post—O$ce Depart- cenmmaavasxen. ment: Assistant attorneys—-one at $2,750, one at $2,000; law c erk, $1,800; clerks—two of class four, one of class three, three of class two, one of class one, one at $1,000, one at $900; assistant mmsenger· in all, $19,770. P, M M tp Omen Fmsr ASSISTANT Pos·masrnn·GssnmL; First Assistant m,.;{5r;;fZt.4`${ .·{Y°` Postmaster General, $5,000; chief clerk, 52,500; superintendent divi- _;g;·;*;‘$,;;g·g_ ¤*>— "· sion of salaries and allowances, $4,000; ass1stant superintendent division of salaries and allowances, $2,250; chief division of c0rr%5ond— ence, $2,000; clerks-eight of class {om-, seven of class three, even