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400 SIXTYSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cs. 350. 1912. °*”‘°'¤** For eralo£Califorma,' df thecl ks' e.F¤e;‘§Z'§i}'fZ»”?“i¤ .11, sxém. ’ “" °’ _ _ °‘ “‘ orpayo m , on records,rea.mngma rczfairs to Iock and towx: ephoneu xrefemnce for} office usgs, a.n;l1o500er mcrdental expenses, m u exchange o ypewn ers , . °"""“‘* dig §11fi<3)oé·ig>n:2r;l0o)i;) ?:];zw$$>g 0C6>(lorello, $3,000; and for the r ermé¤:'u.餤m’ r e.m‘éf{"§.e‘I.eY.g ...3T binding, £§’§.§°u‘Ie .¤H°¥e°e‘§‘.,°“°“€m,.,¤m°*“E.‘I- mounting plats, dr¤f¤:§¤mstruments, record boohs, indexing volumes of letters, 1ce, phone, post-office box rent and register

, books of referencet£;r 0Hce use,   au;14<:)tg;r inci-

GXDGDSBS, meluding exchange o ypewnters , , ’**'* For surveyongenaal ol Idaho, 83,000; and for the clerks in his °“§§; ‘}.°·2?°‘».s¤¤g,,"‘ ‘“* "2e°3°.,.,· »..·..d.·..g m.- he g ..,.n,.,,,...,,,... m , · · ments,Ppzst-office box r-2:, 1.00, books of reference or office use, other mh expenses, including the ”"°"" For $3,000; and for the clerks in his °‘%‘.$*.‘,?.‘§;°2f°...; “‘.,.,.‘“·‘”$.;. me me- ‘- , _ _ _ _ we x ace statmnery


gher nnmdentel expenses, meluding the exchange of typewntas, "°"°‘ 0 H5? W¤1i;1ge‘{n1,er;}1o(€0I(·;ewada, $3,000; and for the clerks in his rei eeéemiery me aiming memes, post-o$ce bex me regm·`

e1s,   repcir of furnitnre books of reference

UH0 !lst°¢;g,a;1;i(;•£nermeadent¤1expenses,mcludmgtheexchange ““' "°‘*°“ Flor ’ 1 N Mexico · · · BFE ’:*g7;(1;>;‘l€1¤§‘i•f;•;&’5()grr ,$3,000,a.ndforclerks1nhas or yo meseengerptationery prin' draftin truments plats, pamr, hmding records, %phone, agiugtration ol etters, post-o ce x rent, drayage, towels, books of reference for

 cgnher incidental expenses, including the exchange of

°"•'°'* orsurve or .era1 f $3000- · — OH%°’ $]£i£&); sgiloxegon, , , and for the clerks nn his or s o e , , ‘ · me of ,.&¤.'{’..,. {S? Z§€’c,°?.§'¤°"s¤'3“$?.€; ¥§“?f"?5 *’°‘ ‘°”°* smh hm including the exchange of t writhrs, $900, c an °xp°m°s' For surveyor general of mh Dakota, $2 000. · For the c erh in his office, $4,000. I 8taIg>:n;1•;r1t8§gPoi2m for j:heis]Su;*1v3;l<;1;1t§e1}:21r¤;·l,_pay of gnessengem, post-office box rent, telegram registration <$f,l§.:’ bmg;mg°]smc0h,mrdSi' . ture and typewriter repairs, Socks of reference f<?m’fiiw ` otherincidental expenses includin th lm;. I 0 09 uSB’ and mu" For surveyor general hr Utah g$3 SSG? (fc of typewnt9m'·$809` ofiirce, $14,0()2;·iD ,,1], $177000. ’ ¤ ¤ an fol` the clerks m his or a ‘ - . . gM¤§j»»'¥;·§;2“‘·`»?¥5§‘%3‘&€?£§’£§?$im°23e°“§£S‘2i‘§e£2“b2“;g;§? VFW? P, Y¤8¤. towels. bvolys of reference for office use s J W g1;i§;?;n‘;1;iental expenses, mcluding the exchange of typewritegs, his om, $Q{fg0§)j¤ij1¤juff$¥i¤3{)~5eg¤¤¤, $3.000; me sm- the clerks in