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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 407 the cost of transcribing State, mnmicipal, and other records; the temporary_ rental of quarters outside o the District of Columbia; for supervising agents, and the employment by them of such temporary service as ma be necessary in collecting the statistics required by law: Prem} _ , That the_compensation o not to exceed five special QQ, ,,,,0,., agents provided for m this paragraph may be Exed at an amount not •c¢¤¤ to exceed $8 per day, $342,000. mn, For rental of quarters, $22,080. suamm-. For stationery, $10,000. 1'¤·¢.1>·411- For furniture, caapets, ice, lumber, hardware, dry goods, adver- °°“““‘°“‘°""°"‘°'· tising, telegraph an tele hone service, photographic work and sup- PM. P- 411· plies, transportation and, preparing articles for shipment, horses, wagons, electric truck, an maintenance thereof, diagrams, ma , blue prints, awnings, shelving, filin apparatus, fuel, light, oiiize fixtures, street car tickets not exceeding $200, and other absolutely necessary expenses, including purchase, rental, construction, reyéair, and exchange of mechamcal appliances, repairs to the Census uilding, and necessary expenses in connection with the prosecution of frau ulent census returns, $15,000. For purchase of books of reference and periodicals, $500. ’°°"'· °“’· For experimental work in developing tabulating machines and re- '*""“‘*“°¤ "'·“"“· pairs to such machinery and other mechanical agigliances, including technical and mechanical service in connection ‘ erewith, whether performed in Washington, District of Columbia, or elsewhere, and the purchase of necessary machinery and supplies, $26,000. For printing and binding in connection with the results of the ,,,§f‘“““’ ‘““ *’“"" Thirteenth Decennial Census, $272 000. The Bureau of Manufactures and the Bureau of Statistics, both of ,,,¥,“'§°‘}¤§§,,§°3°°‘§,H the Department of Commerce and Labor, are hereby consolidated mggboudmon of into one bureau to be known as the Bureau of F and Domwtio names ee umuae- Commerce, to take effect July iirst, nineteen hun and twelve, and §:{§f ‘““ “"“’“°‘ the duties required by law to be performed by the Bureau of Manufactures and the Bureau of Statistics are transferred to and shall agter that date be performed by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic mmerce. Those certain duties of the Department of Labor, or Bureau of .;::::**::;:,12:,%*:2,*% Labor, contained in section seven o the Act apggoved June tlurteenth, {‘,‘;*,}:,‘;L$,;d"*§,[$g; **,2 eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, that esta hed the same, which wg Iiurvnn. I es °ally charged it "to ascertain, at as early a date as possible, and `° ‘ °°* "‘ 8* wliigribver industrial changes shall make it essential the cost ofupirm ducing articles at the time dutiable in the United étates in le ng countries where such articles are produced, by fully sgecided units o production, and under a classification showing the di erentelements of cost, or approximate cost, of such articles of giroduction, including the wages paid in such industries per day, wee , month, or {year, or by the piece· and hours emplglyed per day; and the profits o manufacturers and producers of su articles; and the comparative cost of living; and the kind of living; what articles are controlled bgotrusts or other combinations of capital, business operations, pr la r,and what efect said trusts, or other combinations of capital, business operations, or labor have on production and prices," are herebijrsnsferred to and shall hereafter be discharged by the Bureau of oreign and Domestic Commerce, and it shall be also the duty of said Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce to make sughgpecxal investigation ,,§’,,'§_°°*" '“'°'°"’ and report on particular sub'ects when req to do so by the President or eit er House of Bureau of Fore` and Domestic Commerce: Chief of bureau, $1,000; S“""°" assistant chiefs ofgliureau, one at $3,000 one at $2,750; Chief of D1- vision of Consular Reports, $2,500- chief clerk, $2,250; stenographer to chief of the bureau, $1,600; clerks-—seven of class four, five of class 87618°—-—vor. 37*Pf 1—28