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408 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 350. 1912. three, one at $1 500 eleven of class two, fourteen of class one, seventeen at $1,000 each: eleven at $900 each; messenger; live wsistant messengers; four laborers; laborer, $480; m all, $104,860. T’““",‘Z§ '°'°i"“ To enable the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce to collate mums, I and publish the tariffs of foreign countries in the English language with the equivalents in currency, w hts, and measures of the mted States of all such foreign terms used in said tariHs, and to furnish information to Co and the Executive relative to customs laws and regulations of ioreigi countries, and the purchase of books and ` dicals $10 000. "° *"°“‘¥"° ‘“°°" P6'll}lg furtlier iomote and develop the foreign and domestic com- L°i§’t'—iJZE°¤g:¤°»$g d° mucefcghtho Iiaujwd Sggtcsg, $60,000, sfpended nmder the direction o e Secre o mmerce an r. ¤£{§.‘;'${éZf° l°”°°°' Srmumoarlxtgvnou Smzvrcn: For Supervising Inspector General, $4,000; chief clerk and Su Inspector General in the absence of that officer, $2,000; cle two of c ass three, one of class two, one of class one, two at $1,000 each; messenger; in all, . $14 640. ,,§f""““"‘ ""’°°°‘ Shia;-is of steamboat inspectors: For salaries of ten su in- F—¤~··•=°~*’°*·¤’·”“ spectom, at $3,000 §ach, as authorized by section forty- ur hun red

  • "'P';“"*m_ V L and four, Revised tatutes United States; for salaries of inspectors

¤,v§h¤; °` ’ ° ot hulls and inspectors of boilers, as authorized by the _Acts of Congress approved April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, and_May V twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and eight $167,100; for salaries of $f,'{‘§‘,_“,,{§f°""‘ assistant mspectors, as authorized by the Act of approved {april mnth nmeteen hundred and mx, as follows: or the port of ew York, New York, twentyseven, at $2,000 each; for the {port of New Orleans, four, at $1,800 each; for the port o Baltimore, Maryland, six, at $1,800 each; for the gut of Boston, Massachusetts, six, at $1,800 each· for the port of hiladelphia, Pennsylvania, eight, at $1,800 each; ior the port of San Francisco, California, eight, at $1,800 each; for thpbport of Buffalo, New York, four, at $1,600 each; for the plort of waulree, Wisconsin, eight, at $1,600 each; for the port of _ orfolk, Yirgima, four, at $1,600 each; for the port of Seattle, Washington, e§ht, at $1,600 each; in all, $347,100. °'°"" ‘“”‘ Clerk hire, service at arge: or the eomgpjnsation not exceeding $1,500 a year to each person, of clerks to ards oi steamboat in- , spectors, to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and Labor `·°‘- “· P· ‘°"· rn accordance with the provisions of the Act of April ninth, nineteen contingentexpc¤»·r.·•. and Slx’ $83·°9°· . M. 9.411. ntmgent exlpenses. For the payment of fees to witnesses; for traveling and other expenses when on ofhcial business of the Supervnsing Inspector General, supervising inspectors, local and assistant R_ S__ Tm, ,_,,_ ,_V_ inspectors, and clerks; for instruments, furmture, stationery, 'anitor 8¤§,—g{§9,_5 p_ 80 service, ev§g other thing necessary to carry into effect tlie pro- VOL 24: IL qu visions of Title y-two, Revised Statutes, of the Act of April fourth, V0, A v_ ml VOL eighteen angrgghtyeght, aznending the Act of June nine- @6,, §;»·¤iU¤;; teenth, eighteen hun and mghtiy-six, as amended by the Acts of verse, pjnsi ’March first, eighteen hundred an ninety-five, February fifteenth eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, March third, nineteen hundred and five, April mnth, nmetcen hundred and SIX and Ma r; 4; - ,m,_,_,, ,,_,,,,, esta, nineteen uname and eign, sconce. Y `"’” Y mm. ‘ °BmmA·; or_N2Avres·rroz·z: Commissioner of Navigation $4 000- Deputy Commissioner, $2,400; chief clerk, $2,000 clerk’to com; rmssioner, $1,600; clerks——two of class four, one of class th;-ce th;-86 of class two, four of class one two at $1 000 ea h , . two messengers in all $33 280 I C ’ mx at $900 each' l-ssdiiiping °°mmg' Shipp` service: Fdrsalariesiof shi i commissioners '

 B- °· 59- not Hexcelgng the following: At Baltgiolig, $1,200; at Balnhjligtliiillltlsi

at oston, $3,000; at Gloucester, $600; at Honolulu, $1,200; at