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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sis. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 409 Mobile, $1,200; at New Bedford, $1,200; at New Orleans, $1,500; at New York, $5,000; at Norfolk, $1,500; at Pascagoula $300; at Philadelphia $2,400; at Portland, Maine, $1,300; at ort Jfownsend, $3,500;*1 a&)0I;rovi;lumc$?1%00; at Rockland, $1,200; at San Fran-· cisco, ; m , . Clerk For the compensation to be fixed by the Secretary of °1°'“"‘ Commerce and Labor not to $1,600 per annum to each person, of clerks in the offices of the shippmgcommimioners, $35,000. . · Contingent expenses: For rent, stationery, and other requisites for '}2‘,_‘*‘,}_'°,‘,§°"’°""‘ the transaction of the business of offices and rent of temporary quarters for the ni States shipping commissiopg at New York, N3 gork, not to exceed $3,150, and or janitor in office, $840; in 9000. · For tools, appliances, and instrummts for the admeasurement of '§§$_‘°·,_°'g;_ vessels and the counting of passengers, $1,000. Enforcement of navigation laws: To mable the Secretary of Com- "}§*;°g{,§°;°:-v,$:;°;i°*: merce and Labor to provide and operate such motor boats and employ nm. thereon such persons as mai be necasary for the enforcement, under his direction ycustomso cers, of thelawsrelatingto thenavigap tion and inspection of vassels, boarding of vessels, and counting of passe ers on excursion boats $15,000. Wiiigess communication: 'llo enable the Secretary of Commerce ,`,Y.$,°‘.,$,".,.,§’.";,"T{,Q§"'?.'; and Labor to enforce the Act sfproved June twenty-fourth, nineteen •*$°L“ m hundred and ten, entitled "An ct to require apparatus and operators am, iiiin. ' for radio-communication on certain ocean steamers"; and to employ such persons and means as may be necessary, $10,000. _ _ Bmznau or Irnnoiwrron aim Narunuazauoxz Commnsmoner ,,,{"§;§ ';',{¥?,,";‘§:i General of Immigration, $5 000; Assistant Commissioner General, ¤¤¤· who shall also act as chief clerk and actuary $3,500; private secretary, $1,800; chief statistician, $2,000; clerks——three of class four, five of class three, six of class two, eight of class one, eight at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two messengersp assistant messenger; m all, $59,500. For the urpose of carrying into eEect the provisions of the Act v;SZ}.'}"“““°” M approved func twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled V°’·°‘·¤’-°°°· "An Act to establish a Bureau of I,mm.i.g;·ation Naturalization, and to provide for a uniform rule for the naturaliaation of aliens throughout the United States," namely: Chief of Division of. Naturalization, $3,500; assistant chief of division, $3 000; clerks--four of class four, six of class three, eight of class two, eleven of class one, eight at $1,000 each, two at $900 each; messenger; two assistant mmunml messenger boy, $480; in all, $60,260. _ I I u Dm For ' 'on of Information established under section fortdy of the ,,,,,'{°""‘ °“ Act ngpiproved February twentieth, nineteen hundred an_ seven, "°'·“·P-’°’· entitl “An Act to regulate the immigrations of aliens mto the United Statm," namely: Chief of division, $3,500; assistant chief of dfvisipn, $2E500;°fcl¢i“r:-—two of cllagsgggur, one of class tl;ruee£1t;r;4p)f cass wo, c one onea ;messenger· in , , · 0 _ Bmuzau or Srannannsz I>irector, $6,000; chief physicist, $4,800; uggm" I and physicist, ualified in optics, $3,600; two physicists at $3,600 each; associate ‘hysicists—one at $2,700, three at $2,500 each, three at $2,200 eng, five at $2,000 each; assistant physicists·—seven at $1,§00 each, eleven at $1,600 each, fourteen at $1,400 each; chief chemist, $4,800; associate ch.émists——one at $2,500, one at $2,200; assistant chemists—two at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 each, two at $1,400 each; laboratory assistants-—fifteen at $1,200 each, twelve at $1,000 each, eleven at $900 each; three laboratory helpers, at $720 each; aids-ni;;.s at $720 each, six at $600 each; aboratory apprenticessix at $540 each, six at $480 each; storekeeper, $1,000; llb¤¤'1¤¤ $1,400; secretary, $2,200; rlcrks-—cne of class four, one of class