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410 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cn, 350. 1912. _ three,twco£classtwo,twoc£classone,f¢¤1rat$1,000each,twoat $900 h t t $720 eaclv telephone operator, $720; messenger boysilcwd all0$:80 each, three at $360 each; elevator boy, $360; chief mechanician, $1,800; mechanicians-one at $1,500, one at $1,400, two at $1,200 each, three at $1,000 each, one at $900; three watchmen; skilled woodworkers-—one at $1,000, one at $840; five skilled laborers, at $720 each; draftaman, $1,200; packer and shipper, $840; memenger; superintendent of mechanical plant, $2,500; assistant engineers—·two at $1,200 each, one at $1,000, one at $900; three firemen; blower, $1,400; electricians-—one at $1,200, one at $900; fourl ; janit1:ns——t·Yio;2t3$)6gg0ewh,mwat $600; two femal 1 be , at $360 ; in , , _ . _ _ appmmm. Forge; arrzllxs, tools, and appliances used m connection °"°‘ " m` with the or with work of the u, laboratory supphes, mateiials and supplies used in the conurnction of apparatus, me- · chinery, or other including the1r sxcbaptge; piping, wiring, and construction to the mstallatwn gparatus, maehmery,or appliances; furniture for laboratories and , cases f peratus $50,000. · !¤r••i¤»•¤¤~ (@7; rqsiiisyand necxary to buildings, $2,000- _ lhssllanecua. fu [mag, gy- 5Qcg gtghgngry _"""‘T‘“‘ ¤e¤i’;mep:;1eea¤s ¢6p¤a¤&Z:i»2°i.$§t,pnad advance) t.ick:‘ts·pot exceedpiig $100; canmemberatthemeetingof theIirter¤ationalCom1nitteeo{Weig}1h andMeesures;andcontingenciesofaHkin¢h,$25,0()0l~ · - o¤e.¤¤¤..•fs¤m¤d¤· For hrghadg and walks, g!¤¤1ld¤ for te wiring ° _ , o erexpenses

 the   gid cafixgf grounds, $3,000.

m~=¤·¤¤ ¢¤¤¤:¤*·•;c¤ For completing mvwtion of the effects of electric currents upon ¤¤n$°$l°$l°i,:.,°e¤s gas and water pi , upon the reenforced foundations of bmldings, bridges, anciedtherptructures, and for determining methods of discovering and preventing the destructive eEects of such currents, giapliuding Oralrsonal services in the District of Columbia and in the , $10, . ,n *°'”"' For the continuation of the investigation of the structural materials, such as stone,_clays, cement, and so forth, including personal T M sergnceshin the District of (éolumbia andfin the field, gg,000. I d '¤*° ,,'*,,° or the maintenance an operation o testing mac es including sms n` personal services m connection therewith in the District of Columbia and in thejield, for the determination by the Bureau of Standards gf tpe plg•sic&l5:onstants and the properties of materials as authorized y aw, , . _X;*~¤’·¤·°·**¤“¤¢ For the construction of a water current meter testing tank, $5,000. gankmgpsumu QHH.DBEN’B Burman: For the following as authorized by the Act ·"‘ ‘ entitled "An Act to establish xn the Department of Commerce and Labor a bureau to be known as the Cluldren’s Bureau/’ approved April ninth, mneteen hundred and twelve, namely: Chief of bureau, $5,000; assistant chief of bureau, $2,400; statistical expert, $2,000; private secretary to the chief of bureau, $1,500; clerks—two of class four, two of class three, one of class two, one of class one, one

§B;;,0()0; slpepilalsggegfg-—-one at $1,400, one at $1,200; copyist;

riser; , , · ¤¤¤=i¤s¤¤*¤==P¤¤·¤- Coirrngomur nxrmgsns Dmranrulmr or Coimmzcn Ama Lama: Igorlpontmgent and miscellaneous expenses of the offices and bureaus 0 the department, for which appropriations for contingent and miscellaneous expenses are not specuficallp made, including the purchase of professional and scientific books, aw books, books of reference, periodicals, blank books, pamphlets, maps, newspa ers (not exceeding $2,500}, stationery, furniture and repairs to tlie same, carpets YTlRH’1h0_ Oll(‘l0l'l"• file f*m¤¤¤ fow¢l¤ ion lxrnnmu orion qnnnornc {unl,