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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 411 lightin and heating; for the urchase, exchange, and care of horses and vehicles, to be used only {gr omciallpurposes; frgght and express charges, postage to foreign countries, te Eph and ephone service, typewriters and machines mclu g their exchangpg repairs to the building occupied by the offices of the Secretary of mmerce and Labor; storage of documents belonging to the Bureau of Light- Houses not to.exceed $1,500, and for storage of documents belonging to the Bureau of Labor not to exceed $750, street car tickets not exceeding $300; and all other miscellaneous items and necessary expenses not included in the foregoing, $60,000, and m addition m*gj*m thereto sums amounting to $66,500 shall be deducted from other for pumlusing mpappropriations made for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thir· §,¥,,‘§],,,,,,,,,,,,§" teen, and added to the aplpgopriation "Contingient Expenses, Department of Commerce and bor," in order to acilitate the purchase through the central purchw office as rovided in the Ac of June v°"°°·"‘°°‘ seventeenth, nineteen hun and ten ?Statutes at Large, volume thirty-sk, page five hundred and thirty-one), of certain supplies for bureaus and offices for which contingent and miscellaneous a propriations are specifically made as fo ows: General expenses, Igggotouse Service, $8,000; stationery, Bureau of the Census $10, ; Miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of the Census, $15,000; books and pgriodicals, Bureau of the Census, $500; contingent expenses, Steamat-Inspection Service, $3,000; cont1ngent$ensm,_shipping service, $500; instruments for measuring vessels countmgpassengers, $500; expenses of regulating immigration, $13,500; equipment, Bureau of Standards, $1,000; generalexpenaes, Bureau of Standards, $1 800; general expenses, Coast and Geodotrc Saga, $4,200; miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of Fisheries, $8,500; the said total sum of $126,500 shall be and constitute the approlpnriation for contingent expenses, Department of Commerce _ bor, to be_ex- ,h'fg "° {,§$:,::°,: Fsnded through the central purchasing office (Division of Supplies), Bursapartment of Commerce and Labor, and shall also be available for · objects and purposes of the several appropriations mentioned under the tit eilgfiontmgent expenses, Department of Commerce and Labor" int ct. For rent of buildings and lparts of buildings in the District of Ru" Columbia for the use of the epartment of Commerce and Labor, $50’000` racism. JUDICIAL. Sorxmn Cotmsr: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the B°°"°°° °°°"` United States, $15,000; eight associate justices, at $14,500 each; marshal, $4,500; nine stenographic clerks, one for the Chief Justice Edsnpgg foroeach associate justice, at not exceeding $2,000 each; m

50 · { Circuit eourhoio

Cmcurr Comvrs or Arrnansz Thirty-four circuit judges, at $7,000 r>¤¤·- r each; nine clerks of circuit courts of appeals, at $3,500 each; messenger, to 33% as lipnrarggp and crier, circuit court of appeals, eighth circuit, $3, ; in , 2,500. . Drsrmcr corcrarsz Ninety-three district judges, at $6,000 each, m'°"°°’°°"‘ $558,000. K I Dxsrmcr covrrr, Tmtnrronr or Hawarr: Two judges, at $6,000 wgnlm M um each; clerk, $3,000; reporter, $1,200; $16,200. _ _ nearer Judas- Rmmnn msucns AND moons: To pay the salaries of the United States justices and judges retired under section seven hundred 8-11*1 n.s.,ssc.m. v-11 fourteen of the Revise Statutes, .so much as may be necessary for th; fisclpl year endingdJune thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, is ere y appropnate . _ _ D, , , , mm, Comrr OFPAPPEAIS, Drsrnrcr or Conmmmz Chief justice, $7,500; war-eenwi. two associate justices, at $7,000 each; clerk, $3,250, and $250 addr-