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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 350. 1912. 413 $1,200; chief messenger, $1,000; three firemen; three watchmen; elevator conductor, $720; two assistant messengers; two laborers; two charwomen; in all, $56 480. For_ auditors and additional stenographers, when deemed neces· ’“‘°"°"‘°*°‘ sary, m the Court of Claims, and for a steno apher, at $1,600, for gheoocgief justice, to be disbursed under the tion of the court, 6 . For stationery court library repairs, includmg` re airs to bicycles, c°°°°°°°i fuel, elgcstrégohght, electric elevator, and other niiscellaueous ex- P°iis°° · u..1·· tru. 4 perin ‘ 1. ’“"°'“""‘°°"‘°”‘ or reporting e ecisnons e court an su‘ ten the Elrinting of the forty-seventh volume of the reports of the Court of aims, $1,000, to be paid on the order of the court, notwithstanding Ra mlm ug section seventeen hundred and sixty-five of the Revised Statutes or V0l.'I8. p. 106.1% section three of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred aud seventy-four. ‘ _ _ _ _ For pay of a of the burlding occupied by the Court_ of °""‘°‘“‘“· Claims, $500, to be paid on the order of the court, notwithstanding B_8_’,,,_,.,“_,_,,, section seventeen ·hundred and sixty-five of the Revised Statutes or Vol.!8.l¤-m’- section three of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four. _ , _ h at Mmmm Sec. 2. The pay of telephone-switchboard operators, assistant .,,,..L,.._.,.i..,..., m ers, Bremen, watcbmen, laborers, charwomen provided §g__'”',.{g_’· ""°"°· for in this Act, except those employed m mints and asstag offices, unless otherwise specially stated, shall be as follows: For e honeswitchboard operators, assistant messengers, firemen, and watdlimen, at the rate of $720 per annum each; for laborers, at the rate of $660 per annum each; assistant telephone-switchboard opgrators, at the rat;. of $600 each, and for charwomen, at the rate of 40 per annum eac , . Sec. 3. That the appropriations herein made for the officers, sghrbgmwrwa clerks, and persons cmp oyed in the public service shall not be avail- l’°”°“ able for the compensation of any lpemons incapacitated otherwise ,,m_,”_ than temporarily or performing suc sery1ce:_Provuled, That no part mkuuélggopugn ..1. of an money approfpnated rn lump sum rn this Act shall be available ,,,,$:,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ”““ for tlie a ent 0 personal services at a rate of compensation m excess oi) tht; aid for the same or similar services during the iiscal year nineteen hundred and twelve; nor shall any person employed at a speciic salary under this Act be during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen and be pg from a appropriation a rate of compensation greater t such specific salary anld the heads of de artments shall cause this provision to be enforce . I M l J", M Sec. 4. The Civil) Service Commission shall, subject to the approval n. c. of the President, establish a system of efficiency ratings for the classi- ,,f",,{‘,${}',”,'§,Y,,,{,§‘f,§.‘,,§,_{' Had service in the several executive departments rn the District of ;>;¤;¤¤¤•¢;•:g·“¤¤¤¤ Columbia based upon records kept in each department and mde- ` pendent establishment with such freguency as to make them as mum M wm nearly as pomble records of fact. uch system shall provide a tion, eemeuee, me minimum rating of emciency which must be attained by an employee ’°‘°““°“· before he may be promoted; it shall also provide a rating below which no employee may fall without being demoted; it shall further provide for a rating below which no employee may fall without being dis- (,,,,1-,,,,;,,, ,-,1,,. missed for inefficiency. All promotions, demotions, or d1smissals ¤>¢¤*=¤= ¤¤*¤¤¤~ shall be ovemed by provisions of the civil service rules. Copies of ilgiecords to csmall records of efliciency shall be furnished by the dgparttnents and “‘ °“‘ independent establishments to the Civil Service QHIIDISSIODO for record in accordance with the porovisions of tlris section: Provided, Iigetgsoub mmm That in the event of reductions ing made in the force in any of the ,,,,, .{l..,§L,,,d ,0; executive departments no honoraby disehsrxgglusoldier or sailor ¤¤·=¤·¤¤¤”°** whose record in said department is rated good be discharged or dropped, or reduced in rank or salary.