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414 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. H. Ch. 350. 1912.

  • ’°¤*¤'“¤°”"°"’°‘ Any person knowinglyvi the visions of this section shall

mm" be summarily removed , anPd°may also mn conviction thelreof be punished, by a nano of ncgugore than one usand dollars or y rmpnsonmen or more one ear. 1¥iilii°i.l..°$t1ervse. Sec._ 5. That person sectiog four of the legislative, l“2‘§,};‘;' ,',$,§*,':},§§',;€ e;ecutnve, and u _ appropriation Act a proved August fifth, elk. vumé mh eighteen h and eighty-two (Statutes at e, volume twenty- " two, page two hundred an fifty-five), shall be summarily removed §1.·om¥c:,udmay•kou&onco1:1vi(§>ti1¢pg1xsther¥)ofbep1mmhedbya e o no more one thousand o or- y imprisonment for Oandngnnt funds, mg more than qua yo?} . , ee-. mc. 6. fl`hat_m addition to the a rtronment required b th _ggg_·;*ggg{gg_g{ called Act, atpprovedP£`:bruary twent yeevenlh, din.:

1 ugymssen ¤¤cc or teen hundred and mx (Sta utee at_LsTe, volume thirty-four page

ver, sr, P, rr. fo1'tY·¤1{l8); the head of each executive epartment shall on or before I-§¥°r£°€iI.“‘“fm°* §’$2”“°“·’°"‘ 2‘.Z£"“£"L}°t2°°" ;¤ptti°”l“ei°'r}."‘5.?r‘“ _ . un No cum mm during the year out of the contingent fund or funds appoprgietgql m···"· t·:..“.a·.t2t*:.z’t:2f.::.*¥¤%..;.;’°P·"~m·¤drmi.r.r* xs ee ·e······*·,,,,,·;~ ·¤g;;; or ·

11: elicegticulpon the writtgi gflection of of tlmmdgiiert.

untlqnh e¤¤.M°° liereafter thereshallnet be out of anyehstgrldg ftilgdmfagg

 for use in any officeor bureau of any executive department in

Washmgtou, Qrstnct of Columbia, which could be purchased'out· f télge app?£;¤(;_ti;>fnph made fo; btlilemizgular contingent funds of sudlr ms;d°l¤pmm°j·¤h°zd°m¤;mg:: Shan§t¤l;°7. That gc; money by this or any other Act ere d expende or telephone service installed m any private resience or pnvateapnrtment or for tolls or other charges for telephone pervrce from private res1dencesu;>r1;’(f»riv;ate apartments, except for cnf-distance telephone tolls req stnctly or the public businem an so shown by vouchers dul sworn to and approved by the head of the dggartment, division, gureau, or office in which the official

d telephone or incurring the expense of such tolls shall be

Distribution of pub- ‘ neuter. ne. 8. That no mone ‘ ted b this shan ,,_;§;;,;:,5_,§;,,·;;,·;t;g pe tsee_teer the sm dy°$}°3ZP$€o, ¤rleee¤°£$i£ih2§i€$vt1ve · or serv;'c•;st11$vanK_exec:t1%e1p‘;¤»ti·t‘i’1;eE:1:>)lor <Lther_Go§mmexl;t estab: . , _ _ um 18 f - gresrimg, v§Iap£Amg,bmaihng, or otherwise dispitt?1in£,a‘ii(yrp1i)bIi‘::(sion or pu c in ution,exce(pt maps, weather reports, and weather paids issued b%van executive epartment or other Government es- 0% mahshmemrhnltgit aelfimgtonighstnct of Columbia, or for the purchase 0...},.. ts rmntsetrrszzh w&**r;.i·:·2.¤;·,.·¤<* M . ·, w ve, r »¤#:t·=.=·.·t~=·· ··· %t.E?“‘i%.£‘2“$'e‘€t£°fr“;2“?.‘tZ€.1';“t "‘3,§3'°’““°": executivedepartment and other Govemmen`l:neetabli;h‘1lr;;r‘il;°§t.°lV(la{;‘lrllggcton, Distric`; of Columbia, shall tramfer to the Public Printer such Inlllngllrtgetc. wm Pingv °q,l,Pm°¤ p illsd ]P$t€l:|·I·l3 as are used in addwmgni hee; of such execnitideorle ag dispatching publications; md °°‘° ’ ment at Washington, Disilrict oliuaoilnuiiibilsmslellvchumsmlxlellit establishto tune ttg9 P;1blic Printer mailing lists,’in convenient ;lC‘;'l:l,t;»1II:3 rumkmngcupinl ° I d Slips, for use In the Public distribution of public by such department or establishment- and the mu with the s _ furnish copies of any publication onl in accord- Em lo mr,... P¤’0V¤8§913¤ of law or the mstructig { •_·;>¤ £¤°§:r¤¤»¤¤. department or establishment issuing th bli n'0f the ud of the ‘· ment of all persons in the several exeextitigir EEZ;