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426 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. hs. H. CH- 355- 19l2· W•¤¤¤·v¤·m- W Hligggs, post oEce: For continuation of building under Waukesha wu P wujkggbgf (Kat offico; For t of building under resent ` , . . _ _ wenrmsm. rex. _YY“,£h°;·fo;·diI;1‘l§o$§,5p:»st offico; For commencement of building · ·· resent `t , . ‘ _ , . . W•¤r1r.R-L un$;;gi;)c;1y,' {{,hli4;1i:’ office: For continuation of budding "°" *"’“"·’“‘ Point, office: For continuation of building limit 10 . - - _ ` '¤¤*¤¤·¤•l¤¤·¥'·°· un€€`1lni)trr$xi°1Sl1lem, Carolina, office: For continuation of. rrteah-•hi•m¤md` under t limit, $80,000ll°st And that so much of the not “°$‘,{‘_',{°"';$"hr of Congress (Pu 'c Building Act) a ved June twenty-fifth, mne- — " ’ {son hum: and ten gtatum United umd;-ed e -three as authorized Secret] 0 to of a suitable and adequate firebproof

 to the present Federal building at W`mston-Salem, orth

Carolina, and so orth, be, andthe same is hereby, iménded so as_¢0 authorize also all necessary,’ and alterations repairs of, said old Federal buildmg, an of the_heatmg, ventrlatrng, and lumbing systems and elevators therem which may become byreasonoforincidentto theextansionorenlargementofsardbrul ' prwhichitmaybefoundaxpedientoradvisahletomalnetosirch $5 buildingandtheheating, ventilatingandtgumbmgsystems and elevators?1cagmeof,andinwmectio•z;wr..$,°ld t,exten- ¤······-··=·········=··.. “‘·¤.°".; e;"Z"..r.m.· -.,.1.i"rr"""‘°"°‘“°"‘ Mamma · on as an 0 zi bmldg · , i·i'·"··i°"····`7’···—*· together with the cost of the addition to the heretofore authorized 4 bmldingshall»allbedonowithin thelimitof$250,000iixedmthe above mentioned Act of Juno twentg—fifth, nineteen and m2,_‘P “""‘ ten; and the annual ap priatrons for the general maintenance of ublic buildings under th? control of the Treasury Department shall be construed to be available for all other repairs, and equipment of, said building, gr·ounds,_and approaches, an the heating, hoisting, , plumbing, and ventrlating apparatus thereof. _

  • °'·*~ For rent of temporary quarters for the accommodation of Government omcials and moving expenses incident thereto at Winston Salem,

North Carolina, $7,000. _ _ "°°'°•'¤°“° Woostler, Ohio, post office: For commencement of building under resent °mit, $40, . ‘ ,,§f,’,,‘f‘” ‘“" ""”` P For repairs and preservation of public buildings: Repairs and ’ preservation of cuetomhouses, courthouses, and post offices, quarantine stations and marine hgntals, buildings and wharf at Sitka, Alaska, buildings not reserv by the vendors on sites ac uired for buildings or the enlargement of buildings, and other pubiicqbuild and the grounds thereof, mcluding necessary wire screens, underllzlhz

 · control of the Treasury Department, exclusive of personal services,

num; hospitals except for work done y contract, $625,000: Promded, That of this %¤°*"°“"° "" amount not $100,000 may be used for marine hospitals and guarantme stations, mcludingiwire screens for same, and not exceed- """'*'¥ "““'“°** ing $12,000 for th? utler, and Wmder Buildings, at Wash- District o ra. ,,,§,_°“'“"“’ °‘*"*" equipment for public buildings:_For heating, hoisting, Egumbmg, gas p1pmg,‘ entrlatrng, and refrrgerating apparatus, electric- _ ht plants, vacuum cleaning , mterror pneumatic—tube, gondaxlrit, engl-bell, _ sggzlems and repairs tqxiihisarrg, or pu _ _ dmgs_ , u drugs not reserv ‘t e vendors on sites acquired for buil or the enlargement of buildings xmder the control of the Treasury Department, exclusive of personal services, except for work done by contract, and including