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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 429 dollars pir month each for the number one surfman in each station, and at the rate of sixty-five dollars per month for each of the other surfmen during the period of actual employment, and three dollars per day for each occasion of service at other times; rations or commutation thereof for keepers and surfmen; compensation of volun- v°l"”°°°"‘ teers at life-saving and ifeboat stations for actual and deserving service rendered upon any occasion of disaster or in any effort to save persons from drowning, at such rate, not to exceed ten ollars for each volunteer, as the Secretary of the Treasury—may determine; pay of volunteer crews for dril and exercise; compensation of twelve ,,,$lf,§k§_ °° mm"` clerks to district superintendents, one to each of the district suggrintendents excelpt that of the eighth district, at such rate as the cretary of the reasury may determine, not to exceed nine hundred hd, tc dollars each; fuel for stations and houses of refuge; repairs and out- ”P°i”' ° ‘ fits for same; rebuilding and improvement of same, including use of additional land where necessary; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwreckedrgersons succored at stations; traveling b expenses of officers under o ers from the Treasury Deipartment; commutation og-guarters and allowance for heat and light or officers q,§‘,Z,2,‘Q‘§;"°“ °' of the Revenu utter Service detailed for- duty in the Life-Saving Service; for carr out the provisions of sections seven and eight ,b{‘§},°{'B@“P'i,°,&’°’ ‘“’ of the Act approggg May fourth, eighteen hundred and eigll-gy-two; vsrzz, p. sv. for draft animals and their maintenance; for telephone es and care of same; and contingent expenses, including freight, storage, ·4¤¢¢»¤·87=>- rent, repairs to apparatus, labor, medals, stationery, newspapers or statistical purposes, advertising, and all other necessary expenses not included under any other head of life-saving stations on the coasts of the United States, $1,964),000. · nrzvnivun-currrzrz snnvrcn. Se§g‘g§_“°° ‘ °“°°°' For expenses of the Revenue-Cutter Service: For pay and allow- P°y'°i°°` ances of captain commandant and officers of that rank, semor captains, captains, lieutenants, engineer rn chief and officers of that rank, captains of engineers, lieutenants of engineers, two constructors, cadets, cadet engineers, two civilian instructors and pilots employed, and rations for pilots; for ay of warrant and petty officers, shrps’ writers, buglers, seamen, oilers, firemen, coal heavers, water tenders, stewards, cooks, and be , and for rations for the same; for allowance for clothing for enlistedys men; for fuel for vessels, and outfits for the same· ship chandlery and engineers’ stores for the same; actual traveling expenses or mileage, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, for officers traveling on duty under orders from the Treasu De artment; commutation of quarters· for maintenance SE_m_h_m_ of vessleh in Sra rotection of the seal fisheries in Iiering_Sea and the other waters of rglaska, and the enforcement of the prov1sions_of law in Alaska; for maintenance of vessels in enforcing the provisions of mmm em the Acts relating to the anchorage of vessels in the ports of New York ver as, p. im. and Chicago and in the Kennebec River, and the movements and Vvl 27- r>· 431 anchorage of vessels in Saint Marys River; for temporary leases and gg} Q gi ;;,_ improvement of property for revenue-cutter purposes; not exceeding ' $5,000 for the improvement of the depot for the service at Arunde Cove, Maryland; not exceeding $150 for medals for excellence rn marksmansbip; contingent expenses, including wharfage, towuge, dockaige, freight, advertising, surveys, labor, an all other necessary misce aneous expenses which are not included under special heads. $2,260,000. _ mcg No additional appointments as cadets or cadet engineers shall be mapg;¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤+ made in the Revenue-Cutter Service unless hereafter authorized by ° ` Congress. _ RE,,,,,,,,_ For repaus to revenue cutters, $175,000.