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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 26-28. 1911. 23 tion, which shall be returned to the superintendent on or before the first day of March in each year, signed and sworn to by the president or vice president and secretary or assistant secretary, or, if a foreign company, by its manager or prosper representative within the United States, showing its true financi con `tion as of the next preceding thirty-first da of December, which shall include a. statement of its assets and liabilities classified according to regulations made by the Superintendent of Insurance on that da , the amoimt and character of business transacted, losses sustained and money received and expended during the year, and such other information as the said superintendent may deem necessary Such annual statements shall *’“"“‘*"°°- be lprmted in at least one dull; newspaper published in the District of Co umbia, in the month of arch in each year; and any such compapg or association failing to comply with the provisions aforesaid sh have its license to do business in the District revoked." Approved, August 18, 1911. CHAP. 27.-An Act To provide for the urchase of a site and the erection of a A“i“** 1*- mlnew public building at Bangor, Maine; also fliar the sale of the site and ruins of the -_.L2E“jj... .- for-mer post-oH·Ice building. [mane. No. aa.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R eserttatives of the United States of Amenk:a in Congress assembled That the Secretary of the ’§1‘,§‘§'· Qfhding Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to acquire, by ·¤¤¤<>¤¤¤<¤- purchase, condemnation or otherwise, a suitable site, and to contract, within the limit of cost hereinafter Hxed, for the erection and completion thereon of a suitable and commodious building, including fireproof vaults, heating, hoisting, and ventilating apparatus, and approaches, complete, for the use and accommodation of the post omce and other _ _ Government offices at Bangor, Maine, at a cost for said site and build- L"'“° °i°°°*` ing of not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars. _ An open space of such width, including streets and alleys, as the °"°““’”‘°°‘ Secretary of the Treasury may determine shall be maintained about said building for the `rotection thereof from fire in adjacent buildings. Appmpri_,,0n_ For the urposes agtoresaid the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is lilereby appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury not M _. otherwise appropriated: Provided, That the balance of the approtpria- usei$'i"p.u¤»e rm tion heretofore made by the sundry civil Act of June twenty- fth, ’°§E§]f'3§“:f*§· nineteen hundred and ten, for the retaining wall and approaches at the ` former postotiice building in said city, is hereby reappropriuted and made immediately available, in addition to the appropriation hereinbefore made, toward the purposes of this Act. Su I I t And the Secretary of the Treasury is further authorized and directed nc, ° ° °"”" sl °' to sell, in such manner and u n such terms as he may deem for the best interests of the United Sptiites, the site and remains of the former post-omce building in said city recently destroyed by fire; to convey the last—mentioned land to such purchaser or purchasers by the usual qtpit-claim deed, and to desosit the proceeds derived from such sale in t e Treasury of the Unite States as a miscellaneous receipt. Approved, August 19, 1911. A ist 19, 1911. CHAP- 28.-An Act Granting leave of absence to certain homesteaders. Public, No. 2*7. Be it enacted by the Senate and Housigf Representatives of the United Juan., naar, States of America in Congress assemb , That all persons who have m“‘{,‘§,‘§“§,§d d°,§,’§§f,‘ heretofore made homestead entries in the Lemmon, Timber Lake, sr¤¤¤¢<¤1¤·v==¤f¤¤· Rapid City, Chamberlain, Belle Fourche, Gregory, and Pierre land °°"°°' 876l8"—»v·•r 37—m· 1T;