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22 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. I. Cris. 22-24, 26. 1911. and upon the payment of interest for one year in advance, at live per centum r annum upon the amount due, and payment will be extended 1}; a period of one year, and any payment so extended may annually thereafter be extended for a period of one year in the same {’._;¤¢d•:€m_ manner: That the last payment and all other paiygients must be made within a period not exceeding one year after the _ tipayment 1¤¤¤¤¤¢- is due; that all moneys paid for interest as herein provide shall be deposited in thed todthe credit of the Indians as a part of the roceeds recenv or e s. ’°"°“"“· P Sm. 2. That failure tolgdke any payment that may be due, unless the same be extended, or to make an extended payment at or before theltgme to vgich such paguilent has g§•;plexwndedléa3`her?1in provigeii wi orfeit eentrya tesames becance an anyan pagments theretofore mgde shall be forfeited. ‘ Mvu-¤¢¤¤¤· D0. 8. That nothing herein contained shall aiect any valid adverse claim initiated prior to the passge of this Act. Approved, August 17, 1911. A¤s¤¢ 17 ml- OBA?. .— Act T tb

 h83   of ze ved June tenth,

, I!. .Bc€tma¢tadQytheSeaateandHmaeqf€?resmta#&vesof the United §·;¤'>;·;,,,°_ M, Sta¢eaqfAmerica zh Cbagrasaaembled, hatthe privileges of the snnieaxmmeuavef first section of the Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and wm Y" ‘ eighty, governing the transportation of dutiable merchandise without ¤¤· 21-¤»¤”~ and the same are hereby, extended to the port of wnavi e esas. Approved; August 17, 1911. . i· CHAP. 24.-A Act T reenact Act autlnn·inng’ th constructi bnd' gg _ "`€%Y’i·`Z#?§__ ?§me_§.;.i c§r_a“n»e, 2...1 a .¤’2‘.n ¤.. em. ¤...».§...i.,,.;1‘.i?;F..T,.i..i.., [Public, No 24.] e Bal rut. Be it enacted tile Senate and H`ouseqfReg»¢eentativ¢a of the United gyfgg ‘;';,*:¤f,"g,°§;,, States of Anzenca ·m Oonyress assembled, That the Act entitled "An rpxugns. np 1;~&·¤¤¤~ Act. permitting the Wisconsin Central Railway Com§p y to construct,

 ww maintain, and operate a railroad brid across the 'nt Croix River

V° ~°°· P M between the States of Wisconsin an§aMinnesota," approved March twelfth, nineteen hundred and ten, is hereby revive ; and the time for commencing anu completing the bridge therein authorized is hereby extend one year and three years, respectively, from the date of approval hereof. "“‘°""""°°‘ Sec. ;2. That th; right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby express y resevvt . Approved, August17, 1911. August 18, 1911. GHB P. A _ · · l i R -[§gEZj;2§ - ..?,ht.€¤, 5.,%. .¢“n$°¤§°t§`é"i?$· ?€€°3?“cZi§mi.?., r.¤.c£T§?t§°§°.¥¤’.fZi°Sa.ii*T.ZL’§€.?

  • °‘ 0 1I1SL\!'3.I1C€ CODIPGDIE 3.

_ _ Be it e·n.aded_ by the Senate and House of Representatives tithe United` g;d¤¤;¤§:;>:“?‘·;}_“c*:Q*·= State; of Ameru:a in Congress assembled, That sectionsix hundred and iiityb-Zevend <£l~:gt;;‘e1gh;een£Coge of for glaze Diptaict of Colum- , ,an eas erey, mene ore aso : ,,},§,‘;_“""°° °°'“` "S1-:c. _647. ANNUAL s·rA·rr:MmNTS.—The said superintflelldent shall {px m¤¤m¤¤¤ fnmmhkm Decepiber of each year, to every insurance company)or mghedn, p. mu, association, loca., domestic, and foreign, dom.g)bus1ness in the is. RK _,,,éM,,,, ,,_ trict of Columbia, or its agent or attorney in the rstrict, the necessarv wnuec. blank forms for the annual statements for such company or associ:}