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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 20-22. 1911. 21 and assigns, be, and they are hereby, authorized te construct, maintain an operate a bridge, and approaches thereto, across Tug Fork of the Big Sand River at a point suitable to the interests of navig·a— tion at or near the point where Blackberry Creek emgtiiss into the said river, and within one mile and a half of the station of tewan, Mingo County, West Virginia, in accordance with the provisions of the Act "°‘·’*· P·“· entitled “An Actto regulate the construction of bridges over navigable waters,” a roved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six. Sec. 2. Kat the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ·*¤°°°'”°¤‘· expressly reserved. Approved,.Angust 16, 1911. CHAP. 21.-An Act To authorize the Becre of the Trusnry, in his discretion, A l"· ml- - te sell the old?ost·oBce and courthouse buildiright Charleston, West Virginia, and, in the event o such ale, to enter into a contract for the construction ol a suitable [Pubne, No. 21.] post-office and courthouse building at Charleston, West Virginia, without additional cost to the Government of the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0; Re eamtatives of the United States o America in Gongress , 'Hat existing legislation $?15°f°°.5:;w' X33., authoriéng the Secretary of the Treasury to enter into contracts for wg- °° mg- *“· the enlargement, extension, remodeligg, or improvement of the United Myol. 5. pp. M. M5. States post office and courthouse at arlcston, West Viréginia, within ¢.r_¤, ,,,.1,, mr, a limit of cost of two hrmdred and twenty-five thousan dollars, be, and the same is hereby, so amended as to authorize and empower the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, in lien of the enlargement, extension, remodelmg, and improvement of said United States post-omce and courthouse building, to sell said building to the city of Charleston, West Virginia, or to persons acting in behalf of said city, at not less than reasonable value of such of the materials of which the building is composed as would be suitable te be reused in remodeling, enlarging, extending, and improving said building, and to apply e proceeds derived from said sa e as hereinafter provided. Sec. 2. That in the event of the sale of the gresent United States 0,°,§’,'},’,§,Q{·}.,f,,Q 2,: post ofliee and courthouse at Charleston, West irginia, as hereinbe· r>r¤~¤¤¢¤1¤- ore authorized, the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to enter into contracts, or to modify any existing contracts without the necessity of readvertising for proposals, for the construction of a suitable buildin for the accommodation of the post office, United States courts, anf other Governmental offices at ‘harlcston, West Vir inia, upon the land ac uired for the site of the present post office ang courthouse: Pro·vided:11`hat the limit of cost of {_'{,’{,$%,,,,,,,_ said new post office and courthouse, including heating and ventilating apparatus and a proaches, complete, shall not bein excess of the limit heretofore fixed) for the enlargement, extension, remodeling, or improvement of the present buil ing, together with such sum as may be derived from the sale of the present building. Approved, August 17, 1911. cHLP._22.-An Act Extending the time of payment to certain homesteaders in *“K§"3{;;L5°1l· the Rosebud Indian Reservation, in the State of South Dakota. [Public. No. D. B6 if enacted by the Senate and House of Re resentatévee of the United Publi lads. State.: of Arrraim in Congress assembler], That any person who has aesfrmu imma l16I'¢t0fore made a homestead entry for land in what was formerly 8 R?,‘i,_°.f,Y,‘°e‘;§'é,?,3,I,§.“}‘g, PBM? of the Rosebud lndian Reservation, in the State of South Dakota, Esuyglegiolfme authorized by the Act approved March second,’nineteen hundred and verge. p, msi SQVGF), Ulmy apply to the register and receiver of the land office in tl}6 v°“°•"°°°‘ district in which the land is located, for an extension of time wrthm