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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 449 expenditure of said appropriation, shall be under the direction and supervision of the president of the board of directors of Columbia Hospital and of the Superintendent of the Capitol Building and Grounds. Narroxar. Home ma DISABLED VOLUNTEER sowrnns. m§:,f{g‘\,f)¥{>I{¤;‘¤tgg; Soldiers. d_ For the; siifpport of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Solrers, as o ows: Central Branch, Dayton, Ohio: For current ex enses, namely: g•u1¥”'4>g;g;=*°hsu Pay of officers and noncommissioned officers of the lliome, with such pe exceptions as are hereinafter noted, and their clerks, weighmasters, and orderhes; also playments for chaplains, religious instruction, and entertainment for the members of the home, printers, bookbinders, librarians, musicians, telegraph and telephone operators, guards, jamtors, watchmen, and company; for all property and materials purchased for their use, mcluding repairs not done by the home; for necessary expenditures for articles of amusement,libra books, magaz1nes,g>apers, pictures, and musical instruments, andribr re airs not done y the home; and for stationery, adv , legal advice, for payments due heirs of deceased members: P , That allsreceipts $,*;*,7-0, d 1 on account of the effects of dexzeased members during the fiscal year members. shall also be available for such payments; and for such other expenditures as can not properly be included under other heads of expenditure, $62,000; For subsistence, namely: P3; of commissary sergeants, cornmis- °“b‘l‘°°“°°‘ sary clerks, porters, laborers, b ers, cooks, dishwashers, waiters, and others emiployed in the subsistence department; the cost of all articles purchase for the regular ration, and the subsistence of civilian employees regularly employed and residing at the branch, their fre ht, preparation, and serving; aprons, caps, and `ackets for kitlgien and dining—room employees; of tobacco; of all g-room and kitchen furniture and utensils, bakers’ and butchers’ tools and ap liances, and their repair not done by the home, $255,000; lior household, namely: Expenditures for furniture for officers’ H°"'°"°"’· quarters; for bedsteads, bedding, bedding material, and all_otl1cr articles required in the quarters of the members, and of civilian employees permanently employed and residing at the branch, and for their repair, if they are not repaired by the home; for fuel, including fuel for cooking, eat, and light; for engineers and firemen, bathhouse keepers, janitors, laundry emplolyees, and for all labor, materials, and appliances required for house old use, and for their repairs, unless the. repairs are made by the home, $115,000; For hospital, namely: Pay of assistant surgeons, matrons, drug- H°"’“"· gists, hos(p:*;i.l clerks and stewards, ward masters, nurses, 00OkS,W?.ll»€I'S, readers, ers, funeral escort, `anitors, and for such other services as may be necessary for the care oi the sick; burial of the dead; for surgical instruments and appliances, medical books, medicine, liquors, ruits, and other necessaries for the sick not on the r¢Erlsr ration; for bcdsteads, bedding, and bedding materials, and other special articles necessary for the wards, for hosigaal furniture, mc udmg special articles and appliances for howital `tchen and room; carriage, hearse, stretc ers, coflins; and for all repairs to hospital furniture and appliances not done by the home, $69,640; h For transportation, namely: For- transportation of members of the '*"'“‘*’°'°‘“"°· cme, $1,500; For repairs, namely: Pay of chief engineer, builders, blaclfsmitha, ’°"‘“’· carpenters, painters, gas tters, electrical workers,_ plumbers, tmsmiths, steam fitters, stone and brick masons, whitewashers and; laborers, and for all appliances and materials used under this head;