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448 SIXTY·SECOND. CONGRESS. Sms. H. Ch. 355. 1912. · AI mogmr Dah Coinnssrom For the uses of °° é:nm the commission in on the work authorized MTE: Act of or IP. I Congress approved March t, eighteen hundred and mnety-three, $15 000. . . . . ew or r. Y : F tr f bstru five and mjum§Y°'°;°i:°§£_' rioInisA]d];;<Iisil:: t(l1];Kharg<1irp;•nYi¤uadi:1ce(ht Owaterg of New York i¤S¤·¢¤>¤·°°°· Cltlgeir pay of inspectors, deputy inspectors, office force, and expenses of office, :10.260; . C-¤···¢¢¢· For pay of crews and maintenance of patrol iieet, six steam tugs, and one laxmch, 375,000; · 2 . . ¥¤=¤¤¤~¤¤¤•\"¤='· Ilrrzltzlririfgighalilo Waterways Commission: For continuing nmtd DewfiS] 1>•- cember thirt —first, nineteen hundred and twelve, the work of inves- °°‘}"’°’ "*”"‘ tigation andy report by the International Waterways Commission v°1`n'p'm authorized by section four of the river- and harbor- Act gpproved mm. June thirteenth, nineteen lnmdred and two, $10,000: rounded, n:I°°°° °° Nu °°°` That report as to the progress of the work be made by the American · Commissioners to Congress at the beginning of the next session. nance: ¤¤x»•r¤· Ixnmu. DEPARTMENT. IIIQL _ www Artiii 'al limbs: F furnishing' artificial limbs and apparatus .or um commuddtion therefolg and necess transportation, _$115,00Q. , sm-m¤¤•»¤¤¤·=¤¤ Appliances for disabled soldiers: xr furnishing surgical appliances to persons disabled in the or naval service of the United Stattesf and ppt entitled to artificial limbs or trusses for the same d` 'f , ,000. _ rms léliruslsgs for disabled soldiers: For trusses for persons entitled $;,Tj5B$`§§_§§ii'P‘2u` thereto under section eleven handred and seventy-six, Revised Statutes of the United States and the Act of Congress amendatpry thereof approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-mne, ,000. _ _ Providence H¤=· $5Support and medical treatment of destitute patients: For the wriiiiiiiiiie presse. support and medical treatment of medical and surgical patients who are destitute, in the cit of Washington, under a contract to be made with the Providence Hyospital b the Surgeon General of the Armly, $19,000, one half of which sumshall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the U 'ted States. 0•r¤¢id ¤¤~v¤¤¤· Igarlield Memorial Hospital: For maintenance, to enable it to Diizeumw patients. provide medical and surgical treatment to persons unable to pay therefor, under a contract to be made with the Board of Charities of the District of Columbia, $19,000, one half of which sum shell be aid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other half Vw ¤¤ ¤•*¤¤°¤= *0* the gi3n.;u1liiieg:§>;Ixi:ieglul:ael(alr§ciaa1b€i;·th app op ti fo rddi $?:‘”’.l2fB;1¥E3.‘T¥" is i °X¤.1m me: immature mae redaw To mtpn ui ·` M 8 biiilldhlrglhf Qarfie1dOMemorial Hostpignlawith tl‘1}eineI:vP$:l1.H1ld§en’: is reappropnated and made avarla le for furniture and e ui ment for gre "_ einry A. Willard Memorial Building" of said Gariigldgiemorial ospxta . °<>*¤¤b*· H°’P“·'*‘· Co1umbiaH ital: The reparation f lans and ii t' { l:§Epems·:>;¤_;=b•e;{l:i»g a new buildintgllor Columgia_Hospital0 {gr Womenspriiid cliytinlg-iii? Lg" Asylum,_for w ch approprratmn was made in the Act entitled ‘A¤ 4***- P·"* Act making apirgoprrations to provide for the expenses of the government of the tnct of Columbia for the Hscal year ending June thirueth, mneteen hundred and thirteen, and for other purposes/’ approved June twenty-srxth, nineteen hundred and twelve. and the