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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 453 Disabled Volunteers that maintains or permits to be maintained on its premises a bar, canteen, or other place where beer, wine, or other rnt0xrcati.n'g` liquors are sold. State or errrtorial homes for disabled soldiers and sailors: For con- h,,°:.Z_"°°'r""‘°'°" tinuing aid to State or Territorial homes for the support of disabled "°‘- ”- P- *5** volunteer soldiers, in conformity with the Act approved August - twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and eghltiweight, includingvall classes of soldiers admissible to the Nation cme for Disabled ol- _ unteer Soldiers, $1,200,000: Provided, That no part of this appropri- {:$’§'°f,,,,,_ ation shall be apportioned to any State or Territorial home that maintains a bar or canteen where intoxicating liquors are sold: Provided further, That for any sum or sums co ected in any manner from ,,,$$._l°°°*°"' "°"'i"' inmates of such State or Territorial homes to be used for the support of said homes a like amount shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for, but this proviso shall not applyto any State or Territo— ‘ rial home into which the wives or widows o soldiers are admitted and maintained. . mlcrr rar arm noumw. ,,P‘°"*’°"“‘“’°'“'* For payment of amounts for arrears of pay of two and three year P°"°°°° °f' volunteers, for bounty to volunteers and their widows and legal heirs, V 01 M m for bounty under the Act of July twenty-e§hth, eighteen hundred and in I sixty-six, and for amounts for commutation of rations to prisoners of emu M", ° °" ° "' war in States of the so·called Confederacy, and to soldiers on furlough, that may be certified to be due by the accountnrg officers of the Treasury during the fiscal year nineteen hundred an thirteen, $200,000. W mnwn M For payment of amounts for arrears of pay and allowances on " ' account of service of officers and men of the Army during the War with Spain and in the Philippine Islands that may be certriied to be due by the account' officers of the Treasurg during the fiscal year nineteen hundred anuiigthirtcen and that are c argeab e to the appropriations that have been carried to the surplus fund, $5,000. UNDER TE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. ,,,{',§{?"°' D °""°' runuc nvnmmos. P°°"° °""°"‘“ Repairs of buildings, Interior Department: For repairs of Interior ,,,,“,f{’1‘,{,’§,,,'§,,_°"""' Department and Pension Buildings, and of the old Post Office Departr ment Building, occupied by the Interior Department, mcludmg preservation and repair of steam·hcating and elcctnc—lrght1ng plants and elevators, $30,000, of which sum not exceeding $7,500 may be expended for day labor, except for work done by contract. _ _ hmm one Renewal of plumbing and general repairs, Pensron_Oiiice_ Building: mmm mz For re airing and rene plumbing and rearranging toilet rooms ' in the Pension Office , and the construction of~necessar·y sewer and connections the for, $20,000. _ _ _ Rm, cm Mlgoré the repair of roof an: skylights on the Pension Office Building, ’ I 0 ‘ · 'C Improvement of electric-light plant for the Detpartment of Interior giifrigx. pm" buildings: For labor and material required in e construction of a concrete or brick tunnel or conduit to connect the Patent Office and the old Post Office De artment Building; rmder F Street northwest, between Seventh and Eighth Streets, is ereby authorized, $3,500. Bmm_m_ hm, For steel book stacks for scientific library of the Patent Office, cme;. $2,500. _ _ _ _ Capitol Building: For work at Capitol and for general repairs geiiiriagge. thereof, including Hai; for the east and west fronts of the c6¤t9l‘ of f*""* " ' the Ca itol and for nate and House Office Buildings; ilagstaffs, halyards, and tackle, wages of mechanics and laborers; purchase,