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454 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. mam' tenance,anddri ofofli ehicl andn$100f the pu$1§(l;a•s6>Oof and negesgary rgierenceobooks and city diregi to . ,,}{,,"f{;$ P°""""*°' _ 1l•¥i1;)twe?ty-tgt; rnuisble pedestal: for pztlatutiy in the Capital lI3uild- , repace_ pcraryw _ es no muse 25. '”°'*'°‘“"~ m%‘or continagag of cleamng and repaimgg workh oi art in the C8£l$0l,_ to frames, under the direction of the m_;vmgmudLJomt _ tteeon_e rary$1,500. " Improving the Ca tol For the care and improvement of the grounds surrounlding the Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildmg, pay of one clerk, mechanics, gardeners, for fertilimrs, repairs to nm tolpavements, walks, and roadways, $30,000. _ ’ .ro°°"‘*'_ or re§us and improvements to steam house, and Sen- Pmhm me N ate and ouse stables, and for repaua to audpaving of iioors and stricted to Supply 00l-`ll'hyI·¥d8 BIHIB, lhcllldliqg pergolygl $1,500; this and the °‘=*·‘-*‘»‘=»`==~~ r**::;:r::*r.°mg.0.,,,,.···:r?o·i¤·i· mommusexairgeitsrmm 0* e _ or pu e wi ou ‘ secgngginioixrl the Act agproaed June zeven n, ninetmmhvicdred an , co cemmg- or execu partm' ents.’

   Cingtol Grounds: To contihge the. acquisition of the

land descr: in sundry civil appropria on t, a ved June twmty-fifth, nineteen hundred ten md auahgxzed and prescribedmsa1dA.ct,forenlarg1ngthe(lapitol ,8500,000.

  • ‘*¤*“*¤°"°•· rmsxox muauf

·'”"’°"” °"" Threehundredthonxsanddellams or ° uch l QICII on service pen- , 80 m Q; may bg neg. dnu. - · essary toemplo temporarily GIliI'8d0!hl) f Am p_m_ to aid m the wo:-lr incident to thi adj dication (dilgertision _Cl8·1`!.¤S Hled under the Act entitled "An %t a service §;an.sion,to certain defined veterans of the Civil arand the War with ·»rr·rr·····-· M·oo°1o¤xI9ro°’¤3i°Ii.i>°`;doo]ir‘ri1;i°%d`ntir`éhm°°t5°°" hmm ·;·<;,,gw¤~»~ ·~ rn n 8 { 8.11 *111 f,()‘ · ° ' s1'3¤°°'° "‘° ‘ work the Commissioner oi romiom is romorizsri tos eiripldyizlggg heretofore employed m other departments of the Government service oréalthegs whol may bwugioiently skilled to do the required work; wiou compymgwi e uire tsfth `vil : ”’°"'°·,,,,,,,,, wnwn Promded, however, That nonerg? saidmdazitraoclerlgscdhau conttiehiihwiii ¤¤r¤¤¤¤¤¤•¤¤¤· the service beyond the fiscal year _0f this appropriation without further legislation, or by_reason of said employment alone be eligible for trans er to the service m other dwartments, or be continued longer than may be necesary to do the - ork hereby provided for. '“"“° "'“‘* memo Lawns smzvxcn. _

  • §,•¢:'·¤·¤¤¤· Salaries;andcommimionsofre`te l megi ;F ·

M Q and commissions of registers of d§:ric1tsla·::li officegzzd rgdeizadifsngg ummm p;i:l111<;1mouey:5g(t’6d5•6tnct land offices, at not exceeding $3,009 per 1 - _ texpenses ofland offices: F Ilekhir t www Lnciden expenses of the distri_ct land oiiilcgs, Iincludziuglalhe zlidehomthegm. mrarm nxgmters, $410,000: Provided, 'l‘hat this appropriation mu ZZo.oor·rg° gdurthdoflhgnxg?iia;c1ofd“lmksiudH1?:H0dsubsisatcmures “°‘ , c er _ e · boeks_and management of district land offices ahd tt; geist iii tth: operation of said offices, and in the ope of n l d hmmm on er reservations, while on such duty, and fdlruitgiztual tiivdcezafla Ofiiritcgex peudlturu. of Sud €l9I'k¤, i11¤1\1 · I160¢8Ba1'y Sleeping-carr¥ares: P fwfher That no e m` be incurred L _ xpenses argeable to the Government shall qmm umm 5;] P1':-§1¤¤¢;3vi$;l receivgxzuniih the tépndulpt of local land snoner of the General)Land Office. mm on Y the Comms-