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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 455 To enab1e the Commissioner of the General Land Omoo to tem- ,:;},°g;*g;’ °’°**·*¤ porarily employ additional clerks as follows: Eight clerks, at the ` rate of $1,200 per annum each; eigit clerks, at the rate of $1,000 per annum each; eight cocpyists, at the rate of $900 per annum each; in all $21,700, or no mu thereof as may be necessary. 'l‘hat_the faalure of a homestead entryman to fgive notice of election %gj°;'_f’·é," W -ofmal¤nglusproofasrequiredby theActo Junesixth, nineteseneeesotwpmjeaiss hundred and twelve, being_an Act to amend sections two hundred “{{‘,‘},f’{,°§’q,"?'“°“‘ and nmety-one two hundred and ninety-seven of the Revised Statutes of the_United States, to homesteads, shall not in anywise prejudice his rights to in accordance with the law under which spgh entr£as F of d _ mmm Expenses 0 eposi u c mon : or expenses eposr ¤¤¤¤¥•· money received from the of giblic lands, by registered bankexchangc, orotherwise, asmaybed1rectedby theSecretaryof the Interiogi rang under rules to be approved by the Secretary of the Depredatidns on public timber, ro publiclands and settle- ""“"°'°°*’{°f,,‘5 ment of claims for swamp land and indemnity: To meet the of protecting timber on the public lands, and for the '°' more `ent execution o the law and relatingnto the cutting ` thereof; of protecting public lands from illegal and udulent entry or appropriation, and of- adjusting claims for swamp lands, an indemnity for swamp lands, inclu exceeding $25000 for clerical services in bringing up and current the worh of the General Land Office, instead of $250,000 made available for that piuposgl for the00Esc(ai.ld1yeara1n%neteen hundred and landrraot excee g $25,0 a `tion or 0 y 0 er of the Commissioner of the Genera'] liand Office, to determine whether alleged fraudulent entries are of that character or have been made in compliance with law, $500,000: Provhled, That agents and others ggggh emp oied under this appropriation shall be allowed ger diem, subject ' to suc rules and reguliitions as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe in lieu of subsistence, at a rate not exceeding $3 per day each and actual necessary expenses for transportation, including necessary s1eeping·car fares, except when agents are employed in M·¤¥• •·¤*¢•· the District of Alaska they may be allowed not exceeding $6 per day eacéiiin lieu •¥ subsistence.] d F { h _ mul". um d penses o hearings in an entries: or expenses o eanngs or gum, “ other proceedings hel by order of the Ormmissioner of the General Land Office to determine the character of lands; whether alleged fiiudulent lpptries arée ofhthat charagetr or have been made ggscgtgance wit aw; an o earingsin 's arment roceedings, , . P Repr0ducing)gats of surveys: To enable the Iéommissioner of the ,,,Ff',,g,"{’},"°*“' """ General Land ce to continue to reproduce worn and defaced official plats of surveiys on file, and other lats constitutiphg a part of the records of said office to furnish local) land oEces wi the same, and for reproducing by photolithography original plats of surveys prepared m Ltihe ogcepgf surveyoggeneral, $5,%00. t_ th t_ law M sum, anu o urveymg' tructions: or cou m¤mg` e repara IOH ;,,,..,,e¤. ` and publication 0 a revised edition of the Manual ofp Surveying :§{*··¤°°°•°°·* Ipstiwiigiops, in ntgigeteen hundred sx}d two, for ul: of surveying; U M uhm o u can uner directsystemos1rrveys,t unexipen §___,,.,_· balance of the agpcrzrlpriation therefor is reapprepriated an made V I x P available for the year nineteen hundred and thirteen. Mmm hmm Restoration of lands in forest reserves: To enable the Secretary of Advqrtuin; mw,. the Interior to meet the expenses of advertising the 1estoration_to ¤°¤ °"•°"· °‘°· the public domain of lands in forest reserves, or of lands temporarily withdrawn for forest reserve purposes, $20,000. 87618°—vo1. 37—r·r 1—-31